Ways to Include Lavender in Your Home (From Decor to Recipes)

Posted on July 08, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

Lavender is a beautiful flower that can be used to enhance your life in multiple ways beyond adding some color and scent to your garden. It can help you reduce stress and sleep better. On the medical side, it’s just as useful, boasting abilities such as healing cuts and keeping bacteria away.


It’s a versatile plant that many people have underestimated until recently, and in the last few years, there’s been no shortage of creative ideas you can use if you want to add a little bit of lavender to your life and home

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7 Benefits of Growing Lavender

Posted on May 23, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is an excellent way to add a mid-summer pop of color to your garden or patio. We love to plant it somewhere we can enjoy its beautiful scent.  English lavender is more tolerant of colder temperatures common in the Marquette area than French lavender, making it an excellent choice for herb gardens and perennial borders. This member of the mint family features aromatic leaves and flowers that are popular for cooking purposes, medicinal use, and home projects.  The following are just a few of the benefits of adding lavender to your home garden.

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