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Brides have carried flowers in their wedding ceremonies since ancient Rome, where floral garlands served as a symbol of new beginnings and were meant to aid in sexual desire and fertility. During the Middle Ages, flowers were joined with a variety of herbs and spices, whose strong smell was thought to repel bad luck and evil spirits, keeping the couple healthy and happy for their union. The floral bouquet as we know it today came about during Victorian times, where specific flowers were chosen based on their attributed meanings and combined to convey a unique message of love.


The tradition of carrying a bouquet has remained strong throughout history, although modern brides tend to select flowers based on their personal tastes rather than practical reasons. With help from an experienced florist, the bride chooses her wedding flowers based on her favorite varieties or those that carry a special significance to the couple. Certain shapes can be chosen to complement the gown or to express the bride’s unique personality.


Additionally, the tone of the ceremony often informs the arrangement of the bouquet itself. If a bride desires a classic look, her bouquet will likely be more traditional and streamlined, featuring timeless flowers like lilies and roses. On the other hand, a bride desiring a casual, bohemian feel may be more inclined to carry a relaxed spray of colorful wildflowers. Contact Flower Works, a luxury florist in Marquette, MI, to make your bridal bouquet dreams come true!