Green Living | Flower Care

You’ve received your luxury bouquet from Flower Works – and you want it to last as long as possible. To prolong the life expectancy of your bouquet, follow the instructions below.
Instructions for proper care for cut flowers:
Upon receiving a bouquet, unwrap the flowers and dispose of excess foliage. Every bouquet of flowers you purchase from our flower shop comes with a packet of preservatives and an instructional card on proper care for plants.
Step 1: Preparing the Water
Fill a measuring cup with 16 ounces of water. Then proceed to open the preservative packet. Pour the contents of the packet into the measuring cup. With a spoon, properly stir the contents until the preservatives fully dissolve. Pour water into a vase sized properly for your flowers.
Choose the right vase by making sure your flowers are no more than one and a half times the height of your vase. Be conscious of the opening size as well. A too wide neck will not provide proper support for the flowers, ruining the shape of the arrangement. A too narrow neck will constrain your bouquet and can even damage your flowers.
Step 2. Re-cutting the Flowers
When re-cutting flowers, there are a variety of tools to use. However, scissors must NOT be used because of potential damage to the plant. Instead, use a proper florist knife or floral shears. Make sure all tools are properly sharpened.

Option 1: Florist knife – Use slanted cuts to remove the excess leaves and stems. Slanted cuts create more surface area, allowing the stems to drink up as much water as possible.
Option 2: Floral shears – Use slanted cuts to remove the excess leaves and stems. This option is much quicker and allows for more precise cuts on the stems.
Step 3: Arranging the Flowers
Keeping your bouquet tied together to maintain its shape, place flowers in a vase with preservative water. Place the flowers in a cool location that is away from direct sunlight. It is important to change the water daily, repeating step 1 with fresh water and a fresh pack of preservatives. Visit your flower shop in Marquette, MI for additional preservatives.
Follow these instructions for proper care of your flowers and your bouquet will remain fresh and beautiful.