Along with the elaborate dresses, intricate hairstyles, and coordinating tuxedos, another tradition is central to the prom experience – flowers. Traditionally, the couple visits a local florist together to pick flowers for one another. The gentleman purchases a corsage for his date to wear on her dress or wrist, and the lady chooses a boutonniere for her date to be pinned to his jacket lapel.

As the dress tends to be the star of the evening, dress selection forms the basis for the rest of the look. The gentleman’s tuxedo should include a tie, vest, or cummerbund that matches his date’s dress. Make sure to choose flowers within this color scheme, either with an exact color match, a classic neutral color, or an accent color for a contrasting pop.

When choosing prom flowers, it pays to consult the experts. Often you get the best results by bringing a fabric swatch of the dress to your flower shop and allowing the florist to use creative freedom in designing the arrangements for you. It is customary for the boutonniere to be simple, often just a single stem of one of the flowers within his date’s corsage. Her corsage, on the other hand, tends to be more complex and eye-catching, with lace, ribbon, or rhinestone accents. If you’d like to invest wisely in prom flowers as the final, finishing touch to your elegant ensemble, visit us at Flower Works. At this local favorite florist in Marquette, MI, allow us to bring your dream look to life and make prom a night to remember.