Do you deliver? Yes.

Will my delivery be safe? Yes.

  1. Upon receiving a delivery Flower Works LLC driver will contact the recipient and ask for permission to deliver the gift and establish a delivery time frame with the recipient.
  2. The driver will deliver to the front door/porch as agreed with the recipient in a phone call. If it is needed the driver will let the recipient know of the arrival of the delivery.
  3. The driver will not come in contact with the recipient.

Curb site pick up

Can I pick up flowers? Yes.

Just give us a call and schedule a pick up .

Or Order online and schedule a pick up.

Is the pick up low risk? Yes.

Yes we offer low risk, non-contact order pick up is available at Flower Works LLC, following the recommended CDC and State guidelines.



How do I add a card message or delivery date?

Once you have selected which products you would like to purchase, select CART at the top right of your screen. Scroll down the page until you see the CHECKOUT button. A place to enter your card message and delivery date should be to the left.

My order will not go through, what do I do?

Make sure all the fields are filled out correctly and your credit card is not expired. If the order still will not go through, please call 906- 273-1335. We can assist you in placing your order over the phone.

Do you send anonymous orders?

We do take anonymous orders. However, if a recipient calls to ask who sent the order, we will inform them of the customer's name as entered.

What is your return policy?

While we strive for the highest satisfaction of each customer. We take the best possible care of our flowers and plants prior to the customer receiving our products. We realize accidents happen.+Please contact us if any issues arise. 

Please take extra precautions while transporting your plants and flowers in extreme cold or heat. Please take extra precaution where you place your arrangements or plants. Plants and flowers do not like heaters or cold drafts.Flower and plant knowledge is important for easy enjoyment. If you have any plant or flowers care questions, feel free to contact us for guidance. We are happy to help with any question.