Cultivating a collection of unique plants is a fun, easy way to add interest and energy to your home. Whether you’re a strict minimalist or you prefer a maximalist, bohemian vibe, there are a number of plants that can work perfectly for you and your home. The best place to begin is by visiting your local flower shop where you can speak with an experienced professional to determine which plants would work best for you. The light and humidity of your home is important to consider, as well as how much time you’re willing to invest in maintenance. After you’ve chosen your plants, the next step is to select pottery.

The right pottery can greatly add to the beauty of the plant it holds, accentuating its shape and color while making sure it has enough room to grow. Terracotta pots tend to dry out quickly, making them ideal for succulents and other plants that prefer a dry environment, or those that need to be re-potted frequently. Ceramic pots are a heavier, more durable option that come in an array of colors and finishes, providing a more unique, high-end look. To begin the process of elevating your home with plants and flowers, contact the florists at Flower Works, a local florist in Marquette, MI.