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Flower Works Blog

The Tradition of St. Nicholas

December 05, 2021

The winter holidays are a special and magical time of year. Whether you enjoy cozying up by the fire, heading to the slopes, or singing carols, you and your family probably have some steadfast and beloved traditions that you look forward to every year.


For some families, the tradition of St. Nicholas is part of the winter fun. Though many people have heard of St. Nicholas, few understand the history and tradition behind the celebration. Here at Flower Works, we are all about honoring and understanding traditional methods while bringing our own unique perspectives to your floral decor. This year, we thought we’d do the same with some St. Nicholas holiday traditions so that you can put your own family spin on the December 6th holiday.

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Advent: History, Traditions, and Meaning

November 28, 2021

Make the Advent Season Special

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Advent wreath, home décor with Advent symbolism, or simply a beautiful Advent arrangement for your home, Flower Works can help. Find Advent décor for you and your loved ones to enjoy by checking out the selection on our website. Alternatively, contact the shop to create an Advent display that perfectly suits your home. Continue Reading