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Send our "Over the top" floral bouquet and let us surprise you with a gorgeous mix of flowers, color and fragrance. 

We will send an over the top bouquet of fresh flowers to the one you love!

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Flower Works Blog

Creative Flower Arrangement Ideas for Every Occasion

January 22, 2023

Most people tend to think flowers are reserved for special occasions or fancy events, and while they do have a place in traditional events, you can have fresh flowers anytime. Flowers add the perfect touch to any occasion and every occasion. 

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t know what to do with fresh flowers once you get them, we have some creative suggestions. These are easy flower-displaying tips that anyone can incorporate into their everyday décor. 

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How to Care for Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

January 15, 2023

With the right care, your fiddle leaf fig tree can be a beautiful addition to your home for many
years to come. These plants are a great conversation piece, especially the bigger they get. Add a
touch of class to your home with a fiddle leaf fig tree from Flower Works . Continue Reading