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Send our "Over the top" floral bouquet and let us surprise you with a gorgeous mix of flowers, color and fragrance. 

We will send an over the top bouquet of fresh flowers to the one you love!

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Flower Works Blog

Get to Know Us

January 24, 2022

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home with a living sculpture, share your love for a significant other, or show support for friends, family members, and colleagues during their most important moments, Andrea and the Flower Works team are here for you! We’re dedicated to helping you every step of the way with our premium designs.

Our team is knowledgeable and passionate about serving our clients, and we offer only the highest quality blooms. We can give you expert advice on selecting the right flowers for your occasion, presenting them in the most meaningful way, and caring for them to ensure they stay fresh and gorgeous as long as possible. Continue Reading
Enjoy the Benefits of Indoor Plants with Our January Plant Sale

January 16, 2022

Transform Your Home into a Green Sanctuary

As we embark on a new year, now is the time to beautify your space and enhance your quality of life with a few carefully selected houseplants. At Flower Works, our 20% off January plant sale will last all month, so you can pick up everything you need for a more comfortable and productive space. Our inventory includes air plants, bird’s nest fern, Boston fern, button fern, calathea, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, fiddle leaf fig, jade, Norfolk pine, pothos, rubber plant, sago palm, sansevieria, schefflera, Scindapsus, spider plant, and split-leaf philodendron. Continue Reading