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Every February fourteenth, lovers around the world express their devotion to one another with romantic gifts, mainly chocolate candy and flowers. The holiday Valentine’s Day is believed to have originated from the actions of a third century Christian martyr named St. Valentine. Multiple versions of his deeds exist, but a common legend states that he earned his reputation as the patron saint of lovers by secretly marrying couples against the emperor’s wishes, allowing the husbands to avoid serving in war. Even before the introduction of Christianity, the holiday has its origins in a Roman festival known as Lupercalia, celebrated to mark the beginning of spring and focusing mainly on fertility rituals.

From the fourteenth century onward, this day has been acknowledged as a lover’s holiday. Just as flowers serve as a metaphor for the arrival of spring, roses in particular are associated with love. Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, therefore, predominantly feature roses. Different colors are said to represent different feelings – red roses, specifically are connected with love and romance; pink roses with admiration, grace, and gratitude; yellow roses with family and friendship; orange roses with energy and enthusiasm; and white roses with innocence and purity. Make sure to order flowers for Valentine’s Day based on the message you wish to convey. Contact Flower Works in Marquette, MI today to ensure your flowery delivery makes the right statement to your loved one.