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Whether you’re planning a small, simple ceremony or an extravagant celebration, beautiful floral arrangements form the perfect finishing touch for this special day. Beloved for their natural beauty and pleasant aroma, wedding flowers are one of the most impactful elements of a picturesque ceremony, right after the bride herself. Using flowers in celebrations is not a new concept, but it has been a consistent theme throughout history and around the world. Since ancient times, they have been used in important ceremonies as decoration as well as for their symbolic value in connoting life, love, and fertility.


In modern weddings, flowers are employed in various essential roles. The bouquet carried by the bride serves as a magnificent focal point, drawing all eyes to her and accentuating her lavish gown. The groom’s boutonniere signifies him as the most important man in attendance. Your florist will create arrangements for the rest of the wedding party, as well. These coordinating yet simpler accessories distinguish them from the couple while also marking them as significant individuals in the event. Wedding floral centerpieces are striking statements that elevate your décor and provide guests with a luxury experience. If you want your wedding to stand out as the loveliest of the season, choose fresh cut flower arrangements from Flower Works, a favorite flower shop in Marquette, MI with decades of experience and accreditation.


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