Shop | Mother’s Day 2021

When you find yourself searching for a Mother’s Day present each year, it quickly becomes apparent just how difficult it is to find the right gift. You don’t want to surprise her with something boring or generic, and you definitely want to outshine your siblings. Ideally, you choose something that she loves and that can also serve as a tangible reminder of how much you love her. Unfortunately, few items are up to the task of representing the affection, admiration, and gratitude you feel for the woman who raised you to become the person you are today.

Nothing expresses these feelings quite like a Mother’s Day flower arrangement. Not only beautiful and aromatic, an enchanting bouquet of flowers will boost your mother’s mood, decrease her stress, and make her feel truly appreciated. Show her you pay attention by choosing her favorite flowers or those that remind her of special moments in her life. Gifting her with Mother’s Day flowers is a particularly appropriate metaphor – she spent years of her life nurturing and cherishing you, watching you grow and flourish with the same attentive care our florists convey when designing your arrangement. By collaborating with Flower Works, a local favorite flower shop in Marquette, MI, you can ensure she receives a flower delivery she’ll never forget.