Ways to Include Lavender in Your Home (From Decor to Recipes)

Posted on July 08, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

Lavender is a beautiful flower that can be used to enhance your life in multiple ways beyond adding some color and scent to your garden. It can help you reduce stress and sleep better. On the medical side, it’s just as useful, boasting abilities such as healing cuts and keeping bacteria away.


It’s a versatile plant that many people have underestimated until recently, and in the last few years, there’s been no shortage of creative ideas you can use if you want to add a little bit of lavender to your life and home.




Lavender makes an amazing choice if you’re interested in aromatherapy due to the stress-relieving, sleep-helping properties we mentioned above. It also just smells really good! You can incorporate the aroma of lavender around your house by tucking sachets into your pillow case, adding it to the dryer in place of dryer sheets, or creating a lavender simmer pot.


Repel Pests


Lavender may smell good to us, but it’s a bit too strong for pests, such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitos. Therefore, lavender can help reduce the bugs in your garden or home.


Make Lavender Soap


If you want lavender-scented soap, you don’t have to just go to the store and buy one. You can make your own bar. All it takes is to melt a pot of soap over a pot of boiled water, stir in lavender flowers or lavender essential oil, pour it into a mold, and let it cool!


You can also do something similar to make lavender candles. Just add dried lavender flowers and essential oil into the melted wax, pour into the candle jars, and let it cool!


Make Potpourri


Lavender potpourri is a great way to use dried lavender bouquets for decor and aromatherapy at the same time. Place the dried lavender in a bowl, add some essential oil, let it bake for a few hours, and voila -- homemade potpourri!


Cook With It


Yes, you read that right. You can cook with lavender. There are a variety of lavender-based recipes to consider trying if you really want to be creative:


  • Lavender mint tea, which helps as a sleep aid and simply smells (and tastes) amazing. This just requires adding sprigs of lavender and some mint leaves to a tea infuser.
  • Add it to seafood for a savory flavor. It goes well with just about any seafood dish you can think of, from your salmon fillets to your lobster bakes and everything in between.
  • Make lavender butter by adding dried lavender to a butter of your choice, and use this mixture to spread on bread or to incorporate into your baking.


Use a Lavender Bouquet


Of course, for a classic way to decorate your home with lavender, why not go for a tried and true lavender bouquet? These bouquets can be woven into a wreath or simply left as a pretty flower bouquet in a vase; either way, these flowers will add a lovely color and scent to your home.


Where to Buy Your Lavender


If you want to try any of these lavender ideas, you first need to pick up flowers from a florist. Flower Works serves the area of Marquette, Michigan. Whether you’re looking to buy flowers online or to visit an in-person flower shop, we have you covered. Contact us today to learn more.


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