It’s Time for a Spring Garden

Posted on March 20, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Stop by Flower Works to check out our spring bulb plants for your garden. We have daffodils, hyacinths, and others to add a pop of color to your spring garden. Don’t forget we have a beautiful assortment of container pots in our greenhouse that are a perfect way to brighten your patio. Stop by our store or contact us at (906) 273-1335

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How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg


 How to Make a DIY Terrarium to Brighten Up Your Home


Having plants in the home is good for the body and soul. Plants often provide oxygenation and purifying properties, as well as decorative and aesthetic benefits that brighten a room and bring a smile to your face. An item of home decor that’s also a living thing to be nurtured and enjoyed just makes it all the more special. During this unique point in time where many people are home more than ever, beautifying a space with greenery can be even more meaningful. Terrariums also make a fantastic DIY project to pass the time! They were created during the Victorian era and hearken to that classic period of botany-influenced design. They are easier than you think to create. Here’s how.


  1. Choose the Right Home for Your Creation


A terrarium vase or container can be as simple or elaborate as the heart desires. If this is your first DIY terrarium, it may be best to start small. Very basic options include mason jars and decorative bowls, while you can also purchase ready-made terrariums. Make it extra special by searching for something vintage or vintage-inspired! Just remember to choose clear glass, as colored or overly cloudy glass can hinder plant growth.


  1. Make the Bottom Layer


Opt for a bottom layer of rocks, pebbles, marbles, or sea glass that offer drainage and aeration at the bottom of your terrarium. Use any color or texture you like but remember to choose a material that leaves room for the filtration process.


  1. Make a Barrier Between the Rocks and Soil


Just above the rocks, an ample layer of dried sphagnum or sheet moss is recommended to prevent the soil from slipping down into the base layer. Moisten your chosen material and cover the rock layer fully.


  1. Choose Your Soil


Simply add in a few inches of soil after consulting a floral expert about which soil is best for your chosen plants.


  1. Get Planting


Lastly, plant the chosen greenery, of course! In terms of selecting plants, a florist or nursery expert can help you reach your goals of both aesthetic and care requirements. Be sure to look at the nursery tags, as they will also educate a novice about the sun and water requirements. It is best to select a plant that does not require copious amounts of water, as terrariums do not drain from the bottom, only through the rock layer. Here at Flower Works, some beautiful terrarium plant options include aloe, jade, and pothos — all readily available!


When these steps are complete, take a moment to admire your creation! Water lightly and watch to be sure your terrarium is getting the appropriate amount of sun. Stop by Flower Works of Marquette to see our selection of plants and to take advantage of our staff’s expertise in helping you create something beautiful for your living space.

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