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In today’s climate of change and uncertainty, one thing is for sure – everyone loves flowers. Receiving a lovely bouquet from a flower shop provokes an immediate sense of happiness and gratitude, and these effects linger far after the initial surprise. In fact, studies have demonstrated that flowers have a long-term positive effect on your mood and emotional well-being, decreasing stress and anxiety while enhancing your sense of social connection. Who knew flowers were not only beautiful, but also beneficial to your health?


Showing someone how much you care can be difficult even in the best of times. This becomes especially important when you’re unable to be physically present to share your affection. A flower delivery is often the easiest, yet most impactful way to communicate your appreciation for someone special. You’re giving them a pleasant surprise, as well as providing a lovely piece of living art for their home. If you’d like to celebrate a special occasion or send a bouquet just because, contact your local florist in Marquette, MI. At Flower Works, our team of nationally certified master florists have a collective sixty years of experience, ensuring your loved one receives a bouquet as unique and charming as they are!