Showcase Your Plants with Handmade Ceramic Pottery

Posted on February 01, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Showcase Your Plants with Handmade Ceramic Pottery

While simply picking the prettiest item off the shelf may be sufficient for other types of home décor, choosing the best plant for your space requires careful consideration and planning. After picking a variety that can thrive in your home’s temperature, humidity, and light levels, the next (and often most exciting) step is planter shopping.


To keep your new plant happy and healthy, you need to select a planter that can support your plant and allow it to absorb necessary nutrients as it grows. Planters come in a seemingly endless array of materials, shapes, and sizes, but you’ll need to find the best planter for your plant variety. Check out our recommendations below, then contact our shop if you would like professional help with choosing the right plant/planter pairing for your home.


Sage Green Planters


Nearly every major paint company named sage green as one of its most popular colors for 2022, from Benjamin Moore’s October Mist to Valspar’s Blanched Thyme. This calming shade of green is associated with nature, comfort, and renewal, making it perfect for heralding new beginnings during stressful times.


Coated with a sage green glaze, our low Misha Planter has a natural, minimal look to complement plants of all shapes, sizes, and colors. For taller plants, our Caixa planter combines sage with classic ivory brushstrokes to provide an on-trend, ombre look that captures attention without being overwhelming. You can purchase this planter in small, medium, or large, or order the complete set to create a display with maximum impact.


Terracotta Planters


Perfect for indoor and outdoor gardening, unglazed terracotta planters promote a calming, natural aesthetic. Plus, terracotta builds a beautiful patina that only gets better with age. Whether you’re a wabi sabi enthusiast, a strict minimalist, or a fan of the bohemian look, terracotta planters are incredibly versatile. This porous material encourages the constant movement of air and water, hydrating your plants while protecting them from the soil disease and root rot that can result from standing water.

The low, rounded shape and neutral color of our handmade Annallse planter blends in with any décor. Our delivers an unexpected pop of pattern. Either one will keep your plants in the best health, especially succulents, snake plants, and other varieties that thrive in arid climates or need to dry out completely between waterings.


Glazed Ceramic Planters


If you would prefer to make a statement with your new plant, ceramic planters are prized for their stunning variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Compared to unpainted terracotta, glazed ceramic pots tend to retain more moisture, meaning they are the ideal choice for Boston ferns, spider plants, pothos, and other varieties from damp, humid environments that need evenly moist soil. If you have your eye on a ceramic planter without a drainage hole, you can also use ceramic planters for moisture-averse species—just make sure water can drain from the container and away from the roots. Simply add a layer of pebbles, river rocks, or coarse gravel along the bottom of the ceramic planter and gently nest the nursery container inside.


At Flower Works, we offer several glazed ceramic planters in gorgeous greens and blues to suit any style. With avocado and turquoise shades, a star-shaped band design, and grey-brown spots, our Kousa Planter perfectly accents large, tall tropical plants with a laid-back, organic feel. Our Ellmere Planter in Aqua features varying shades of light and medium greenish blue with subtle darker accents, a soothing combination that evokes the movement and colors of the sea. If you prefer more saturated tones, our vibrant deep teal Roja Planter in Indigo Rain is tall and slim, so it can easily be tucked into a corner.


Get Help from the Professionals


If you would like help selecting the right planter for your new plant, contact Flower Works today. Our expert team has decades of experience in floristry, and we are passionate about helping our clients improve their lives with living works of art.

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