Top 5 Plants for Uplifting the Winter Mood

Posted on February 17, 2023 by Andrea Forsberg

Plants for a Winter Mood Boost

Colder temperatures, shorter days, and less opportunity to be outside can all make winter a difficult season for some people. With less opportunity for movement and fresh air, it can be easy for your mood to dip if you are feeling overwhelmed. Bringing plants and flowers into your home is a great way to boost your mood during the winter months.


Why Spirits Are Low in Winter


There are a few reasons that people may struggle to regulate or maintain a happy mood during the winter months. It is easy to feel isolated during the winter, particularly if you live in an area where there is a lot of bad weather. Some people also deal with SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which involves depression that gets worse during the season changes. These factors, along with others, can drag your mood down. Luckily, there are things you can do to remedy these darker days.


How to Boost Your Mood in the Winter


One of the simplest ways to boost your mood during the winter is to bring plants into your home! Aside from the mood boost from surrounding yourself with bright, beautiful things, many plants also benefit their environment in very specific ways. From air purification to helping sleep, house plants offer great benefits for improving your winter blues. Below are five plants that you can bring home to provide a mood boost for you and your loved ones.


Top 5 Plants for a Winter Mood Boost


  1. This plant is very popular in various medicines and other natural remedies. It is also a great mood booster because it helps you to sleep. When you are well-rested, you are able to regulate your mood more easily and deal with the stresses of daily life.


  1. Peace Lily. These are a great choice to keep in your home because they are very purifying. They pull toxins and various bacteria from the air, while also adding moisture back into your home. Clean air helps you feel better, which makes maintaining a positive mood easier.


  1. Research has shown that roses help regulate high-pressure situations and promote relaxation. If you are facing a particularly stressful situation in your life, keeping roses around can help you keep calm.


  1. These beautiful plants, like peace lilies, help keep the air in your home clean. They are also easy to care for, which can provide you with a simple self-care routine to boost your mood. It is also very easy to grow a new plant from a monstera cutting, so you can always have one close by.


  1. This plant is as beautiful as it is fragrant. Similar to lavender, the fragrance of the gardenia plant can help you maintain consistent, restful sleep. They are also a natural sedative, so keeping them around will help you to rest and relax.


Navigating changes in time, daylight, temperature, and activity levels can make winter difficult. You may know that it is important to get out of the house to exercise and finish any tasks for the day, but it can feel impossible if your mood is suffering under the weight of your responsibilities. Bringing plants and flowers into your home is a great way to boost your mood through the natural benefits of the plants and the self-care benefits of caring for them. Let Flower Works help you select your perfect new house plants.

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