Floral Arrangements to Celebrate the Colors of Fall

Posted on October 20, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

: Fall Color Abundance, the Last Hurrah Before Everything Goes Red, Green, and White

There is nothing quite like a fall floral arrangement to bring the glorious rich hues of the changing leaves inside your home to enjoy for just a bit longer. There are a variety of floral options that show the pale blushes and vibrant jewel tones, along with dried flowers and natural accents that make up the season’s palette. The following are just a few ways to bring fall colors in your floral arrangements.


Pale Blush Florals


Why limit your fall floral arrangements to bright oranges and yellows? You can create a beautiful and understated design using blush tones and shades of white and pale blues. Look for roses such as Tiffany, Quicksand, or Senorita. You can also find ranunculus in shades of peach and pink. Mix them with white hydrangea, a white spider Anastasia, and some greens such as eucalyptus for an accent. Adding extra greens and brown with branches or leaves will give your design more of a fall mood. You can even create a tablescape with the addition of a Casper white pumpkin or a pale gray variety such as the Jarrahdale.


Lush Jewel-Tone Floral Options


Suppose your taste leans more toward the deep rich hues of jewel tones; most roses, ranunculus, and chrysanthemums are available in rich colors of burgundy. You can also find gerbera daisies and mini calla lilies in deep rich shades. Amaranthus adds not only a rich color but a greenery element and movement to your design. Adding autumn berries in deep shades of red or Chinese lantern flowers can bring the colors of the changing leaves into your arrangement.


Look for deep golds and bronzes in mums and yarrow flowers. Goldenrod is an easy-to-find wildflower that not only has a deep rich gold color; it also offers a more rustic or casual element to your design.


Autumn Accents


Consider adding non-floral seasonal elements to your arrangements. Combine the reds and greens of fall apples with yellow chrysanthemums or black-eyed Susan, or add figs or pomegranates to marigold arrangements. Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts and ornamental kale can add interest to traditional floral displays.


Natural Elements for Texture


Using natural elements such as thistles, branches, acorns, and dried flower or ornamental grasses can add an element of texture to your arrangements. Branches and fall leaves, as well as feathers, all bring a touch of autumn to your floral design. Small gourds and mini pumpkins will add seasonal color and interesting textures.


There are so many ways to celebrate the colors of fall. A fall floral arrangement in rich jewel tones or muted shades of blush can have your home ready to celebrate the season.


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