Creative Flower Arrangement Ideas for Every Occasion

Posted on January 22, 2023 by Andrea Forsberg

Most people tend to think flowers are reserved for special occasions or fancy events, and while they do have a place in traditional events, you can have fresh flowers anytime. Flowers add the perfect touch to any occasion and every occasion. 

If you are one of those people who just doesn’t know what to do with fresh flowers once you get them, we have some creative suggestions. These are easy flower-displaying tips that anyone can incorporate into their everyday décor.  

  1. Think outside the vase. There are so many different containers that are nothing special until you put fresh flowers in them, and then they have renewed purpose. For instance, mason jars. They are the quintessential centerpiece at barn weddings, and whether filled with a flickering tea light or fresh flowers, they do look just right. But imagine them in your home, on your mantle, or situated along the table runner in your dining room.
  2. For an elegant look, drop tulips into tall, straight cylindrical glass (typically used for decorative candles) so that they barely peek over the edge while resting gently on the inside. 
  3. Another idea is to lose the vase altogether. Scatter long-stem fresh-cut flowers across the top of the piano. There is something classic about full flowers hanging over the edge of an ornate mantle. Play with the contrast of the colors against a dark or white background.
  4. Consider many short “vases” instead of one tall one. A personal and dainty arrangement at every place setting will make for a host who’s thought of everything. 

Tips for Arranging Flowers

While you are having fun playing with your fresh new flower bouquet ideas, keep in mind these tips to make your arrangements look perfectly professional.

  • When arranging flowers in any vase or container, start with the tallest stems first and then add the shorter ones.
  • Remove all leaves below water level. 
  • Balance color and texture when mixing flower types.
  • While it’s fun to buy the flowers and then find the perfect container and placement, you might have success in preplanning your arrangements ahead of time. If you think you’ll try this, consider your audience and what flower will speak to them most profoundly. Define the purpose of your arrangement. Is it to draw attention or blend in? Is it an accent piece or the main attraction? What colors will best serve the purpose of your bouquet?
  • Floral foam is a pro tip that can take your arrangements to the next level. You will have to use opaque vases or pots if using floral foam. Also, you’ll want to soak it in water for 10 minutes before you use a knife to cut it down to the desired size and shape. Keep in mind that when you put it down into the vase, you want to fit snugly within the inside rim of the pot.
  • You can first create a nest with greenery to hide the inside of the pot. You might have some in your backyard. Anything leafy will do. If your arrangement is going to be viewed from all sides, you’ll need to keep arranging it in a circle, spinning the vessel around as you arrange, and taking care to consider the natural curve of the green foliage.
  • Add your focal point bloom, usually your largest bloom.
  • Angle the flower carefully into the foam in line with its natural curve and angle. 
  • Add in some more greenery between blooms to fill in the spaces. 

One last tip is to place many bouquets around your home, office, or venue and play with viewpoints. Put a short bouquet that’s full of blooms in a display case or at the bottom of a spiral staircase, so the top of the arrangement can be fully seen from above. Hanging flowers can also make for an interesting aesthetic. 

You can order a custom arrangement from Flower Works and watch us create it right in front of you. Just select the flowers you would like in your arrangement, and the Flower Works expert team will design a perfectly unique and one-of-a-kind customized arrangement just for you, right before your eyes.

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