6 Summer Wedding Flower Ideas to Consider

Posted on July 17, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

As the most popular time of the year for weddings, summer provides an unrivalled opportunity to decorate your venue and bridal party with a variety of striking, brightly colored flowers. With their voluptuous shapes and appealing aromas, wedding flower arrangements have been an essential part of these ceremonies since antiquity. They serve as symbols of love and fertility, as well as providing a high-impact aesthetic statement in every style of wedding.


For the most on-trend wedding flower ideas of the summer 2020 season, check out the list below.


Uniquely Designed Bouquets


At Flower Works, our florists do more than grow pretty flowers. They are artists at floral design and arrangement. Lean on our expertise to arrange a beautiful and uniquely crafted floral design unlike anything you’ve seen at a wedding before. Give us your preferences, then let us work our magic. From Michigan wildflowers wreaths to more traditional rose or lily arrangements, your wedding flower arrangements can be as unique as your love for each other.


Rustic Bouquets and Arrangements


An increased focus on sustainability has also led to a preference for more natural, rustic-looking flower arrangements. Brides are desiring summer florals that appear spontaneous and organically designed, often accented with wooden elements to further enhance the pastoral vibes.


Hoop Bouquets


For a twist on the classic bridal bouquet, florists are creating hoop bouquets. These delicate wreaths are made of wood or metal and decorated with a woven combination of fresh or dried flowers, branches, greenery, and ribbon. Easy to DIY and endlessly customizable, hoop bouquets are unexpected, romantic, and refreshing. They may be used as décor, as well, or given to members of the bridal party as keepsakes.


Neutral Schemes


For a classic look that will never go out of style, neutral color schemes are always pretty and polished. As opposed to bold, bright colors that immediately draw attention, a combination of neutral shades in subtle tones serves as a chic, understated look for wedding bouquets. Shades of white, ivory, and gold naturally complement any style while keeping the focus where it belongs – on the bride herself.


Greenery Walls


Inspired by high fashion, florists have been recently designing abundant greenery walls as an alternative to separate arrangements decorating tables. These artistic installations evoke a sense of wonder and whimsy in guests, making them feel as if they have stumbled upon a secret garden. These walls are most beautiful when featuring elegantly curving ferns and succulents accented with herbs, seasonal fruits, and even foraged flowers.


If you’re searching for something unconventional and inspiring for your summer wedding florals, consider experimenting with this season’s most stylish trends. Uniquely designed flowers, rustic arrangements, hoop bouquets, neutral color schemes, or greenery walls can provide you with just the stunning look you’ve been dreaming of.


To make your summer wedding dreams a reality, contact Flower Works, your local favorite flower shop in Marquette, MI. Our skilled, passionate florists have decades of experience helping brides-to-be create the perfect floral accents for their big day. While our venue isn’t yet open due to the current pandemic, if your plans are for the future, consider reserving our space for your wedding.



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