New guidelines in Michigan starting June 15th are 

"Indoor entertainment

Indoor arcades, bowling alleys, cinemas, climbing facilities, convention centers, performance spaces, meeting halls, night clubs, sports arenas, theaters and similar venues can reopen, under certain restrictions.

The venues can only allow customers to 25% capacity or 250 people, whichever results in fewer people.

Groups who don’t live in the same household have to maintain six feet of distance from each other at all times."

Due to Covid 19 our capacity is limed and you still have to keep a distance of 6 feet. We decided at this moment that is safer for everyone to not rent our venue till restrictions have been lifted. 

 Our Venue is not open at this time.





Are you looking for a distinctive venue for your wedding or other special event? The greenhouse next to our flower shop in Marquette, MI is a breathtaking space that can easily accommodate any affair you can think of. Enhanced by generous skylights, it allows for an unparalleled view of the gorgeous Michigan sky during the day or night. Enjoy both the beauty of the outdoors and the comfort of the indoors at the same time. Using the greenhouse guarantees that the party will go on even in the event of inclement weather.


Flowers must be provided by Flower Works, where our team of experienced florists will create stunning custom arrangements designed to enhance the beauty and atmosphere of your event.

You are welcome to hire any catering company or furniture rental service you choose. Unlike many other venues, you have complete creative control over how you’d like the space to look and function during your event.


Our greenhouse can accommodate up to 75 guests for a formal seated dinner or up to 150 guests for a more casual cocktail hour, encouraging guests to mingle and explore. Due to the time and effort involved in preparing the space, we do require events to run for at least three hours, including time to set up, tear down, and clean up. Our rental rate for the greenhouse is $280/hour for the first three hours, with each additional hour costing only $60. Same-day set-up and tear-down is preferred, however, and we are not responsible for setting up, tearing down, or cleaning up after your event. If your event will be held during the summer, be aware that we do not have air conditioning, so it becomes quite warm during midday.


As the premier florist in Marquette MI, our services are backed by national certifications and decades of experience. Not only does the greenhouse have its own inherent beauty, but you will have the creative freedom to decorate it however you want, allowing it to become the venue of your dreams at a modest price. Your guests will love dancing the hours away in the same space used to cultivate your beautiful floral decorations. Contact Flower Works today to learn how you can make your event the highlight of the season!

Rental Rates

Because of the work involved in readying the greenhouse, we require that your reservations be at least three hours long. This time frame includes set-up and clean-up time. Same day set-up and take-down is preferred. Please note that we do not have air conditioning, so the space during noon hours in the summer can become quite hot.

Capacity: Up to 75 (seated) or 150 (cocktail)

First Three Hours $280
Every Additional Hour $60

Terms: Flowers must be provided by Flower Works. A safety deposit is required and will be returned in full if no cleaner or repair is necessary.
For more information, please contact us at