What Is Twixmas?

Posted on January 01, 2024 by Flower Works LLC

If you’ve never heard of Twixmas, it’s actually the week between, or “betwixt,” Christmas and
New Years. It’s that week where everything is still festive and feels like everything slows down
just a little bit. It’s the extra time many have to reset and take a break before a new year begins.
Put simply, it’s that magical and restful time between two holidays. 
How Do I Celebrate Twixmas?
It’s traditionally meant to be a time to take a break and relax before new commitments begin for
the next year. However, you can spend this time however you’d like. You can enjoy the leftover
glow from Christmas, cozy up with snuggly blankets and classic movies, or spend the time with
loved ones. You can spend your time tackling a big project or even start and finish a puzzle. It’s
even the perfect time to gather your thoughts and wind down, preparing yourself for the new
One thing that sets Twixmas apart is how you want your home to look. While poinsettias are
perfect for Christmas, they are likely not at their most glorious hue by December 26th. From
fresh centerpieces to new indoor plants, freshening up your home during this in-between season
can help brighten your mood and establish a new tradition. 
Fun Things to Do During Twixmas
If you need a few suggestions for how to spend your Twixmas time, here are some ways you can
spend this holiday:

 Decorate. Rather than letting it pile up, now is the perfect time to transition from
Christmas-specific decorations to more general winter decor. You could even use this
opportunity to try putting up something for the new year. You could put together new
centerpieces, think about a fun new houseplant or two, or even bring in a beautiful flower
arrangement to add some color and spark to your home.

 Do a puzzle or another craft project. We know that you might not always have time
during the week, or even on weekends, to complete relaxing activities. Puzzles in
particular can be time consuming. They can also be meditative, so now is the perfect time
to work on a puzzle. You could also finish that knitting project, hem that dress, or finish a
painting. Twixmas is a great time for relaxing hobbies.

 Cook or bake something new. You’ve probably got some recipes that you always have on
rotation during the week so you don’t have to think about much while you’re cooking
dinner. However, with this extra time, you can think about trying new recipes so you can
spruce up your weeknight cooking during the rest of the year.

 Cozy up to classic movies or catch up on TV. With so little downtime otherwise, it can be
hard to watch that movie you’ve been thinking about or finishing up a TV series.
Twixmas is a great time to clear those things off your list. Watch holiday classics, finish
the last episodes of a once beloved series, or even watch your favorite comfort TV. 

Contact Flower Works for the Perfect Twixmas Arrangements
If you know you want a new look from your greenery but aren’t sure what to choose, contact our
shop. We can advise you on the best plants and flowers to enliven this sometimes challenging
time of year. While the snow sits outside and we wait for New Year, your home can be festive
and beautiful with our unique and art-inspired arrangements. 
Twixmas should be a time for you to relax and wrap up the year before beginning anew. It can be
a good time to build fun new habits or say goodbye to old ones. If you want to bring in a little
greenery for the new year ahead, contact us today and give your home a new look for the
Twixmas season. 

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