Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins and Flowers

Posted on October 27, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Pumpkins and Flowers

When you think fall, it’s hard not to think of pumpkins. Pumpkins are a staple in fall scents, foods, and decorations. But have you considered using them in your floral arrangements? Fall floral arrangements are complimented by pumpkins, adding a unique twist, and helping create an autumnal ambiance. Consider these creative ways to incorporate pumpkins into your fall decorations and florals.


Pumpkin Vase


We’ve all probably carved jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins. With a very similar process, pumpkins can make wonderful and unique flower vases. These pieces are highly versatile. You can use them to decorate your front porch, as you would with jack-o-lanterns, or you can keep them inside, and use them in place of your usual vases for your fall flower arrangements. Try painting them in different autumnal colors to compliment your flowers, such as green, white, or purple, or decorating them otherwise with your personalized creativity.


Autumn Floral Centerpiece


You can choose a larger pumpkin and use it to create a vase for a floral centerpiece that has more presence. Something like this is perfect for an autumn dinner party or any other type of gathering in the season. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate pumpkins into your floral arrangements, use smaller decorative pumpkins and gourds with your autumn centerpiece. Experiment with them, scattering them elegantly around your vase or tucking them into the flowers to add a pop of fall color to your arrangement.


Succulent Pumpkin Patch


Alternatively, let smaller pumpkins and gourds be the focus. Carve vases out of several smaller pumpkins and fill them with either your favorite fall flowers or other plants, such as succulents or small cacti. You can scatter these smaller vases throughout your home or cluster them together to create a floral–or succulent–pumpkin patch. These smaller vases can also be stacked in creative ways. Consider making a centerpiece out of smaller pumpkin vases stacked into a pyramid or other structure of your choosing!


Decorate Your Pumpkin


Decorating your pumpkins with flowers is a fun spin on the classic pumpkin decorations. All you need is hot glue and flowers. Cut the stems from your flowers, and glue them into the pumpkin in a pattern of your design. Cover the entire pumpkin in beautiful blooms or take inspiration from jack-o-lanterns and make a floral face!


Repurpose Your Pumpkins


Later in the season, these pumpkins can be repurposed as jack-o-lanterns. If you’ve used them as flower vases, they’ll already be hollowed out. The only thing left to do is to carve a face. They can also be composted and used as fertilizer for your garden, as long as no unnatural materials were used to decorate them.


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