Tiny Plant Projects You’ll Love

Posted on July 01, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Tiny Plant Projects You’ll Love

Plants are a great way to brighten the appearance and feel of any room, and you don’t need to have a lot of available space to enjoy the perks of having plants in your home or office.

Some of the most popular options include designing a terrarium or creating a unique kokedama. Both tiny plant projects are fun and great for any level of experience.


At Flower Works, we love the opportunity to help those in our community expand their knowledge of tiny plants and experiment with their creative side in a whole new way.


What Is a Terrarium?


A terrarium is an indoor gardening container that is either fully or partially enclosed. It is common to see terrariums that are partially enclosed to allow better airflow and minimize the risk of bacteria growth. 


Terrariums are typically created within a glass container to allow heat and air inside, as well as to confine moisture that is beneficial to the plants within. The container can be something as simple as an old fishbowl or mason jar. This fun tiny plant project can be inexpensive, take less than an hour, and is great for any level of plant enthusiast.


Select Your Plants


The size of plants you can work with depends on the size of your container. In general, you want to avoid plants that are fast-growing or tend to develop large leaves. Large leaves can block sunlight from reaching smaller plants within the terrarium. It is beneficial to choose smaller plants that don’t need a lot of direct sunlight. You’ll also want to get a variety of leaf sizes, colors, and textures to create a diverse terrarium.


Creating the Terrarium


You’ll want to start assembling your terrarium by putting a base layer of gravel or stone. This will be followed by activated charcoal, moss, and potting soil. Assembling the base layers in this order provides drainage since your container will not have drainage holes.


Next, add your plants. Trim the roots of your plants carefully before placing them inside your terrarium. Finally, you can add fun decorative elements such as shells, marbles, figurines, or other small ornaments.


Create Your Own Kokedama


Kokedama is a centuries-old Japanese form of garden art that has ties to the practice of bonsai. This tiny plant project involves using a moss ball as the support and a focal point for a tree, shrub, or plant of your choosing. You’ll want to choose a plant that is hardy, stays small, and grows slowly.


How It’s Done


You’ll start by mixing peat moss with soil and dampening it with water to hold the two together. Then, you’ll shape the mixture into a ball around the roots of your selected plant. Once you have your desired ball shape, you’ll wrap it carefully in sheet moss. You’ll then want to use wire, twine, or string to hold the ball together. Once you’ve completed these steps, you are ready to display your creation. This project does require a bit of patience, but it looks great when finished.


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