These 10 People in Your Life Deserve Flowers “Just Because”

Posted on May 29, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

While many people enjoy and appreciate receiving flowers for special occasions like holidays, birthdays, and milestones, it’s always nice to receive flowers “just because.” The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has forced many Americans indoors, and, while some have acclimated to this new reality easily, it has been much harder on others. Sending flowers to the important people in your life just to show them that you care about them can be a great way to bridge the distances between us during the pandemic.

If you’re thinking about reaching out to the important people in your life, sending a nice gesture of fresh flowers doesn’t require a holiday. Let people know they are on your mind and they still matter to you despite being unable to spend time together in person for now. Some of the people you should think about if you want to send the important people in your life flowers during the lockdown include:

  1. Your mother and/or grandmother. Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and you can still make a kind gesture to your mother and/or grandmother despite the lockdown with a delivery of fresh flowers.
  2. Your spouse. Show the special someone in your life that you can still surprise them with a kind gesture without leaving the house! Remember, men enjoy plants as much as women.
  3. Your neighbors. They may be close by but feel far away during the lockdown, so send them some flowers to show them you care, especially those who are elderly and may have trouble leaving the house.
  4. Your best friend. You have probably been through a lot together, and you’re sure to make it through this quarantine, too. Show your best friend they’re on your mind with a fresh bouquet.
  5. Your special aunt. Many people have aunts who are almost like second moms, and letting them know you’re thinking about them is a great option if you want to send some random acts of kindness to the special people in your life.
  6. Your children. If you have grown children who are working hard through the quarantine, a gesture of fresh flowers is a great way to let them know you love them and wish them the best through a difficult time.
  7. Your child’s teacher. American teachers are going above and beyond their usual call of duty nowadays, providing distance learning over the web whenever possible. Some are even creating learning packets and sending them by mail to their students to continue enriching their lives during the quarantine. If your child has an incredible teacher, show them you appreciate their efforts with some fresh flowers.
  8. A hardworking school secretary. While you’re honoring the people responsible for your kid’s education, don’t forget the support staff who keep the wheels turning. Think about sending a bouquet to a helpful school secretary who keeps working hard to empower students’ education despite the lockdown.
  9. Your medical care provider. The healthcare system in the US is fighting an incredible war right now, and each and every one of the nation’s doctors, nurses, support staff, and lab technicians deserves some extra praise for all the hard work they’re contributing toward fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
  10. Anyone you know who may be lonely. The pandemic quarantine is a difficult time for many people for lots of different reasons, but not everyone has the lifeline of close family and friends nearby to rely upon for companionship. If there’s someone in your life who might be lonely or out of touch with others, sending flowers can mean more to them than you could expect.

Everyone has special people in their life who deserve some recognition “just because.” Use this list as a starting point to help you think of the people you want to connect with despite social distancing. Flower Works in Marquette, MI can help you make it happen, so get in touch with us today to learn about our fresh flower delivery service.

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