The Perfect Indoor Plants for This Fall and Winter

Posted on November 05, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

The Perfect Indoor Plants for This Fall and Winter

When the weather grows colder, many people turn their attention to indoor plants. Although many outdoor plants are inactive throughout the winter, you can bring nature inside your home with indoor plants. There are many options to choose from. It’s also important to understand how your current houseplants may be impacted by the changing seasons. Even if they’re indoors, your plants can still be affected by the weather.




Succulents are known for being low maintenance and nearly indestructible, and this makes them an excellent choice for the colder months of the year. They tend to be very hardy plants. In the winter, make sure to reduce your watering. Easygoing succulents don’t need much water during this time.


Euphorbia milii, Crown of Thorns


This kind of succulent is an excellent choice for fall and winter, as it blooms during the winter, typically during February. They add a wonderful accent of color to your home in the depths of winter. You can find several varieties of this succulent, blooming in either red, pink, or white. Be sure to keep this plant away from any pets.


Aloe Plant


Aloe plants are another great option for the winter, as the dry winter air doesn’t bother them. They also don’t need much water. Just be sure to give your aloe plant plenty of light. Consider moving it towards a window in the winter to ensure it gets adequate sunlight.


Spider Plant


Spider plants are a relatively low-maintenance option for fall and winter. They do require moderate light, which is important to be aware of as the days grow shorter. Aloe plants do just fine with weekly watering during most of the year but consider watering them a little less in the winter.


ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant is highly adaptable. While it may not thrive in the winter, it can certainly adapt to the colder season. It tolerates low light and infrequent watering very well.


 Christmas Cactus


If you’re looking for a winter plant that’s a little bit showier, consider the white, red or pink Christmas cactus. This plant doesn’t want intense sunlight, which makes it perfectly suited to the low light of winter. It also blooms typically between November and January and brightens up your home in the darkness of winter.


Chinese Evergreen


Another interesting and colorful winter plant option is the Chinese evergreen. This plant is a little showier than most fall and winter plants, with a variety of colorful leaves. Although it is a tropical plant, it handles winter very well. Keep in mind that it doesn’t deal well with overwatering. Be sure to keep it in a well-drained pot.


Winter Plant Care Tips


  • Make sure your plants are getting plenty of light as the days get shorter.
  • Reduce your watering and use warm–not hot–water.
  • Try not to repot your plants until spring, if possible, as repotting can be harsh on your plants.
  • Clean the leaves of dust and mites regularly, so your plants can photosynthesize effectively.
  • Use a humidifier to mitigate the intense dryness of the winter air.


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