The Perfect Gift for Administrative Professionals Day

Posted on April 25, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

The Perfect Gift for Administrative Professionals Day

Every Wednesday of the last full week in April is dedicated to the often-unsung heroes of the office setting. April 27th is Administrative Professionals Day. This day is also referred to as Secretaries Day or Admin Day. It provides a way to show your appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work administrative employees put in every day. Administrative workers provide organization and flow to the workplace, as well as handle concerns at a moment’s notice. Their experience, skills, and dedication shouldn’t go unappreciated.


What Is This Day All About?


Secretaries, receptionists, administrative assistants, and other support staff are what really keep offices running efficiently. They have to keep the office organized, while still being flexible enough to deal with any unexpected events or demands. They are vital in keeping the office efficient. Responsibilities can include making appointments, managing them, and coordinating them. They also draft letters and memos. They plan meetings and keep calendars up to date. They also have day-to-day tasks such as answering calls and emails. They are also available for on-the-spot questions or concerns. You’d be amazed at how fast a printer could stop operating without their magical touch.


The work administrative professionals put in deserves recognition. With how stressful the previous years have been, it is important to make sure workers in vital roles feel appreciated and valued. On April 27th, show the administrative staff you care. This can be a simple gesture, such as a beautiful flower arrangement, a tropical plant, or a gift card to their favorite place.


Let Us Help


Flowers are a perfect option for any occasion. Flowers are a bright, vibrant way to show someone you care. These flowers can brighten up the office space, especially with spring flowers in full bloom. Flowers are a simple reminder that the person is appreciated and valued. Flowers naturally draw attention, helping others in the office to express their appreciation as well. A simple thanks can make a world of difference for administration workers.


Flowers provide a unique opportunity to be as creative as you would like. You can create a customized arrangement, especially if you know your administrative employees’ favorite flowers or colors. You can also pick up big, beautiful “Thank You” bouquets that we have available in the shop.


Tropical plants are another great gift option. Tropical plants are long-lasting when properly nourished, and can brighten up a workspace. They are also a very popular option for plant lovers, which is ideal if you are unsure what to get. Tropical plants have lush green leaves that thrive in warmer climates. Since offices are warm year-round, it is easy for these plants to thrive. With the right soil and water, these plants are also beginner-friendly.


Other gifts like trinkets and other office desk décor will be appreciated. Offices can sometimes feel stale and industrial. Unique gifts can help create a more personalized space. This can boost morale and provide a more comfortable feeling in the office. In addition to our amazing flower and plant selection, we will also have little gifts available that are perfect for the office desk.


When it comes to selecting flowers, plants, or other creative gift ideas, all that matters is that it comes from the heart. Your administrative professionals will appreciate the thought and care that went into their gift selection. You can even include a card that other employees or co-workers can sign to express their appreciation as well.


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Flower Works is proud to support this year’s Administrative Professionals Day. We can help make the perfect selection, as well as create custom arrangements. Contact us for more details or to create your custom arrangement. Arrangements are available for pickup or delivery. 

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