The 12 Days Of Christmas

Posted on December 12, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

The 12 Days Of Christmas

Though no one in their right mind wants seven swans a’swimming for Christmas, the tradition of gift-giving during the holidays is alive and well. Though many people focus on the classic “under the tree” gifts, it’s important to note that there are many other ways to show your loved ones that you care during the holidays. Whether you are thanking a friend for their hospitality or reminding a family member about how much they mean to you, there are endless options for this gift-giving season.


Here at Flower Works, we love to remind our community about the power of giving and receiving a flower arrangement. We are extra busy during this time of year because most people inherently understand the beauty of exchanging a bouquet. But, even if you’re playing hostess this year, we have options that can make your holiday season extra bright.


Hostess Gifts


When you attend a party or gathering, especially during the holidays, it’s proper etiquette to bring something for the host. After all, they’ve spent countless hours planning, cleaning, preparing, cooking, and decorating so that you can enjoy a pleasant holiday evening.


Bouquets make lovely hostess gifts, as they help the host make their home extra special during the festivities. Wreaths are another great option, as long as you know that the host has somewhere to put them. Some of our clients prefer to give hosts something that will last a bit longer, in which case a poinsettia or a Christmas cactus is a great idea. These options can remain healthy all year long and give the host a more permanent object to remind them of the holidays.


Traditional Gift Giving


Many families and friends exchange gifts during the holiday season. Though these gifts are often covered in paper and bows, it is essential to remember that plants can also make fantastic presents. Potted plants and tropical plants last all year long and give the recipient something to care for no matter the season. Many people find solace and joy in tending to their plants, whereas traditional gifts of clothes and household objects are often recycled or donated soon after Christmas.


Stocking Stuffers


If you’re looking for something small to round out your gifts, plants can also make great stocking stuffers. Air plants and plants with ceramic pots are wonderful small gifts to fill out your arsenal. There are options for every kind of green thumb, too, so even if your loved one doesn’t traditionally do well with plants, you can find something that they will keep alive with ease.


Treat Yourself


Whether you are hosting your family or simply getting into the holiday spirit, don’t forget yourself when you place your holiday flower order. Our bouquets make terrific centerpieces for holiday meals and gatherings, and they can really make your home feel special. Of course, we also offer wreaths, garlands, and poinsettias if you are looking for traditional plant-based decor for your home.


What many people forget is that fresh, real flowers and greenery smell amazing in the home. No scented candle or essential oil can beat the aroma of a real wreath or a fresh bouquet.


Contact Flower Works


Our team at Flower Works has been helping families to celebrate the holidays for many years. We know what makes the holidays special and love to create flower arrangements and decorations that reflect the glow and ambiance of the holidays. So, whether you need a host gift, stocking stuffer, or arrangement for your own home, we can create a unique arrangement that fits your exact needs.


For more information or to place your holiday flower order, contact us online today.

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