Specialty Exotic Plants for Collectors

Posted on October 26, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

Specialty Exotic Plants for Collectors

While flowers are our namesake, we love more than just delicate blossoms and vibrant bouquets. Plants are not only stunning to look at, but they also bring an important, positive influence into your home with better air quality and an improved mood.


Just like anything else that’s prized for its rarity, there are plants that are exotic and highly sought after, like coins and baseball cards. Among houseplant lovers, some stunning green leaves stand out among others.




Probably the most well-known or more recognized among the collectors’ houseplants is Monstera. They’re a species of plant also called Swiss Cheese Plant. There are several varieties that are among the most loved, including the Monstera Thai Constellation, Monstera deliciosa aurea, and Monstera adansonii variegata. All these feature telltale voids in the leaf and different varieties of coloring.


Musa Aeae


This stunning plant is a head-turner. Hailing from tropical climates like Indonesia, this plant is a banana plant with gorgeous, variegated leaves, meaning stripes of color. This plant can be kept indoors to some success, but it’s important to keep in mind that it is a tropical plant and will need to be treated as such. Additionally, you shouldn’t expect it to produce any fruit if it’s kept indoors.


Pink Princess Philodendron


Variegated plants are always popular, and it’s no wonder why when they display unique colors. The Pink Princess Philodendron meets that exact definition and shows you exactly what its name brings to mind: stunning orangey pink leaves with slashes of rich green coloring. In exceptional colorings, this sweet little plant can be difficult to find.


White Princess Philodendron


Much like its pink counterpart, the White Princess Philodendron features stunning variegated leaves. However, as its name suggests, the colors are white and dark green. While perhaps the white coloring isn’t as eye-catching as the Pink Princess, these plants have been difficult to acquire for some time.


Sago Palm


This large palm plant originated in Japan and China, and it can bring a warm, tropical feel to your home in even the most frigid of UP winters. Although it’s not the rarest of plants on this list, it is nonetheless an exotic option. While it has a palm-like appearance, it’s more closely related to pine trees than palms. If you have pets or children, you’ll likely want to keep this plant in a safe place, as it grows cactus-like spikes and is poisonous when eaten.



Frizzle Sizzle Plant


Maybe part of the reason we love this one is its name, but the name of the plant really suits its look. With wild, green, swirling tendrils, this stunning plant looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Its appearance is incredibly one-of-a-kind and architectural. This succulent is easy to care for with little water and lots of sunlight, and it will even bless you with springtime blossoms.


Collector plants can be difficult to come by, but when you learn to care for them, they’ll bless you with the most beautiful flowers and leaves. When you’re ready to start your plant collection, contact us and see what delights we can offer.



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