Six Flower Tips for Choosing the Right Funeral or Sympathy Arrangement

Posted on August 28, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

One of the most challenging things a person can experience is the loss of a loved one. As a friend or family member of someone who has experienced loss, it’s important to express sympathies and ensure they know they are loved and cared for during this difficult time. However, it can be challenging to find the right words to express how we feel, which is why people of many cultures present flowers to honor the life of the person who passed and offer the family hope and comfort.


Choosing Sympathy Flowers


The process of choosing a sympathy or funeral flower arrangement doesn’t have to be difficult to navigate. Start with these traditional sympathy flowers, which send the proper message:


  1. Chrysanthemums. Choose chrysanthemums in pink or white to express remembrance and sympathy.
  2. Lilies. White lilies were traditionally chosen to represent the innocence of the person who passed.
  3. Roses. These beautiful blooms are often chosen in white (reverence and innocence), yellow (friendship), and pink (love and grace).
  4. Orchids. Sending pink or white orchids is a traditional expression of love and sympathy.
  5. Carnations. Pink carnations represent remembrance, while white represents innocence and love.
  6. Gladioli. Choose gladioli to represent your sincerity and to express wishes for strength during this difficult time.


Arrangements made from these blooms will never fail to express what you cannot say with words. However, if the deceased or your loved one has a favorite flower, don’t hesitate to use it.


Other Considerations

Now that you’ve decided on the flower varieties you’d like to use, there are a few other considerations to make, as well. We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions surrounding sympathy arrangements:


Q: What type of arrangement should you send?
A: Typically, items like garlands, casket inserts, and casket sprays are chosen by the family. If you’re a member of the extended family or a close friend, you may want to send a large arrangement to be displayed with the casket or graveside—choose a wreath, cross, or spray to stand on an easel. Otherwise, an arrangement in a basket, vase, or pot is an ideal choice.

Q: Where should you send the flowers?

A: If you’re sending a large arrangement to be displayed with the casket, you may send it to the funeral home or site of the funeral. Smaller arrangements can be displayed at the funeral or even sent to the family’s home as an expression of your sympathies.

Q: What about potted plants?
A: A beautiful potted plant or basket can be sent to the funeral home or the family’s home. As an alternative to cut flowers, potted flowers and plants go on living long after the funeral has ended and can continue to bring comfort to your loved ones moving forward.

Q: What if the family specifies donations be offered “in lieu of flowers?”
A: While it’s best to comply with the family’s wishes at this time and send a donation instead of sending a large arrangement to the funeral home, a small basket or potted plant sent to the family’s home after the funeral can still express your sympathy and support.

Consult With Flower Works


When chosen carefully, your sympathy arrangement can help you say what words truly cannot express. If you’re uncertain about how to go about choosing an arrangement to send condolences to your loved ones, consult with the professionals at your favorite flower shop in Marquette, Michigan. Flower Works florists have been assisting residents with choosing sympathy flowers for years and can suggest the ideal funeral arrangement to express your sympathies. Call (906) 273-1335 for more information or order online for same-day delivery.

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