Plants and the Wellbeing of Your Pets

Posted on October 05, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Plants and the Wellbeing of Your Pets

It’s definitely not unheard of for someone to be a fan of both plants and animals — in fact, these passions often go hand-in-hand. However, that does leave many pet owners with a dilemma: How can you embrace your love of flowers and plants, while also ensuring that your pets remain safe?


If you have pets, there’s a level of caution you’ll need to have, as you select flowers and plants to display within your home. While some options are perfectly pet-safe, others may pose a serious risk to the health of your animals, should they be ingested.


Fortunately, as soon as you do your research, you’ll discover that pet-friendly, non-toxic plants aren’t exactly hard to come across. In fact, you have an enormous variety of options to choose from, depending on your own unique tastes.


That being said, if you’re searching for a list of plants that aren’t so pet-friendly, try taking a look at this list, which was compiled by the ASPCA. If you’re hoping for an extensive look at which plants to keep away from your cats or dogs, that’s the resource to turn to.


4 Plants That Are Non-Toxic to Pets


  1. Spider Plant


If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a veterinarian’s office, then you might have noticed a spider plant or two adding a natural touch to the office — this isn’t a coincidence! Not only are spider plants easy to grow and care for (even if you’re lacking in gardening experience), they’re also non-toxic to cats and dogs. As a bonus, they can even serve as air purifiers. So, if you’re looking to clear out some toxins from your home, spider plants are a fantastic option.


  1. Ponytail Palm


If anything, your pet might even get a kick out of this plant. The large, floppy leaves are practically inviting your cat to take a swat or two! If you don’t have much experience tending to indoor plants, ponytail palms are one of your safest bets as well. In fact, this plant only needs to be fertilized two to three times each year. Even if you’re seriously lacking a green thumb, this is a pet-friendly plant you can consider bringing into your home.


  1. Succulents (But Not All of Them)


No doubt, succulents are a popular indoor plant option, for a variety of different decor styles and tastes. Their appearance is both simple and unique, with an exciting array of possibilities when it comes to shape, size, and color. Pet-friendly succulents certainly exist, although you’ll need to put in a bit of extra research first. Not all succulents are non-toxic to pets, although a good deal are.


And, once you’ve brought a succulent (or two) into your house, the care they require is minimal. Make sure it’s getting a good deal of direct sunlight, and then remember to water the plant once every two weeks or so.


  1. African Violet


All right, so, what about flowers? Fortunately, if you prefer florals to other types of houseplants, you still have pet-friendly options available to you. One possibility is the African violet, a simple, yet remarkably pretty purple flower. They’re a great way to add a pop of color to your home, in a way that doesn’t put your pets’ health or safety at risk.


For African violets to thrive, they’ll need their fair share of direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing them near a draft, whether it’s coming from a window or a floor vent. Make sure that you’re fertilizing them on a regular basis if you’re hoping to see your violets in top shape, year-round. Finally, stick to a moderate amount of watering.


Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly With Flower Works


Flower Works offers a huge selection of plants and flowers, perfect to decorate your home, no matter your taste. Pet-friendly varieties are available so that you can keep your fur babies away from plants that are toxic or hazardous. You shouldn’t need to sacrifice your love of blooms simply to keep your animals safe.


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