Plant These Perennials This Fall for Spring Blooms

Posted on September 19, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

Plant These Perennials This Fall for Spring Blooms

When the first breeze of spring is in the air one of the best things you can see is fresh blooming flowers with all of their bright and vibrant colors. Blue star amsonia and irises reach for the sun, while the bright pinks of dianthus can be found closer to the ground. If you tend a garden, then spring blooms are likely something you look forward to each year.


Thankfully, there are plenty of perennials — from bright black-eyed Susans to the pale purple of creeping phlox — that you can plant in the fall to ensure blooms for the spring. Whether you are a seasoned gardener looking for some new inspiration or are planting your first bulbs this year, Flower Works can help you decide what fall perennials will bring your spring blooms to life.


Why Plant in the Fall?


It may be surprising that fall can be the perfect time to plant some of your favorite flowers for spring since it’s usually the time of year when a lot of plants start to die off. However, fall can be ideal for planting spring perennials, especially if your soil retains heat well.


Planting flowers during early to mid fall gives them plenty of time to set up in the warm soil and grow a strong root system. Once spring arrives, the plants are well established, so they will be ready to produce bright, beautiful blooms. Not every spring bloom can survive the winter, though, so it is important to choose wisely.


Choosing Your Spring Blooms


There is a seemingly endless supply of plants and flowers that can brighten up your garden come spring, so it can feel impossible to choose. Here are four of our favorite perennials to get you started:


  • Russian sage is perfect to brighten up a small space, like the side of your driveway, that sits in direct sunlight because this tall, purple flower is drought resistant and loves the heat.


  • Coneflower is another beautiful purple option, standing tall with a bright orange center. If you want to help grow your plants naturally, this is a great option because it also attracts pollinators.


  • Coral bells are perfect if you want something less flowery that still packs a beautiful punch. The foliage of these plants is just as eye-catching as the flowers, with colors ranging from a deep purple to pale orange and green.


  • Creeping phlox can brighten up even the drabest rock garden, with small blooms that pop in shades of white, pink, purple, and red during the early spring. Your creeping phlox blooms fill the air with a sweet scent while filling in the empty spaces of your landscape.


Get Spring Tips From Flower Works


It is always best to trust the experts when planting so you get the best outcome. Flower Works has resources, information, and a helpful team to assist you while you choose the best blooms for your garden space. Get your favorite bouquet for some spring inspiration, check out blog posts for tips and tricks, or visit our tropical greenhouse to find what you need!

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