New Year, New Plants!

Posted on January 08, 2023 by Andrea Forsberg

New Year, New Plants!

A new year brings resolutions, helping those using this motivation to tackle their goals with a
renewed sense of determination. For some, this encouragement is crucial for taking on tasks that
require more responsibility, like owning and caring for a new plant. To help you get started on
this goal, Flower Works is having a major start-of-the-year sale this January, listing plants for
20% off the entire month.
Featured Plants For Sale
When looking for a new plant, four factors are crucial for purchasing the right plant for you.
Starting with the time, some plants can be more of a time commitment than others, requiring
more in-depth care and routine watering. The size and sunlight level in your home can also help
determine what plants are right for your space. Some of the plants that flower works highlights
on its website include:
Jade Plants: Known for their distinctive ties to bringing in new wealth, these low-maintenance
ornamentals are part of the succulent family. Perfect for those with a busier schedule, jade plants
require little watering, only receiving water when the top inch or two of their soil is completely
Pothos Plants: One of the most common house plants, the pothos is perfectly suited for indoor
life. These fast-climbing vines require low light and create a gorgeous cascade of leaves that add
the perfect accent to any room.
Begonias: For those looking for a floral houseplant, begonias are the perfect perennial to keep
indoors. Requiring lots of sunlight and a moderate amount of water, these plants are best placed
in a spot that receives strong, direct sunlight for at least part of the day.
Sago Palms: Drought tolerant, these low-water plants are perfect for bringing a tropical vibe to
any home. Best when stationed in a highlight spot, these plants can reach around two to three
feet tall when fully grown.
Fiddle-Leaf Fig Plants : As far as indoor plants go, fiddle-leaf fig plants are some of the best
indoor plants to care for. Sprouting stunning leaves, these plants thrive when given the right
conditions to grow, reaching over six feet tall if properly maintained.
Anthuriums: Anthuriums, sometimes referred to as Laceleaf plants, are some of the most
stunning houseplants available for purchase. These beautiful flowering plants need high
humidity, making them the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Often when searching for the perfect plant, some people get tutored by the responsibilities that
come with certain species of plants. For example, if you live in a larger apartment or home and
have vertical space for a plant that can get rather tall, purchasing that plant may be in your best
interest. On the other hand, knowing that your home does not get a high level of direct sunlight
may deter you from buying plants that require high amounts of sunshine.
Plants like succulents are typically more below maintenance than other types of plants, meaning
they need less attention to stay alive and are often chosen for this reason. On the other hand,
plants like Azaleas for Bonsai trees require mass amounts of pruning to stay healthy, which is
better suited for horticulture hobbyists who can devote time to these plants. Fortunately, Flower
Works provides a comprehensive plant care guide that can help new plant owners properly care
for their new foliage, making the process of buying new plants feel less intimidating.
Ushering In the New Year With New Plants
Taking care of a plant, especially one that is unique and interesting, can be a very rewarding
experience. From watching your plants grow because of your direct care to sharing cuttings with
friends so they can propagate their plants, becoming a plant parent is a wonderful resolution to
have to go into the new year. Contact Flower Works to learn more about our available plants and
save 20% at our annual plant sale through the month of January.

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