Mother's Day Is Fast Approaching

Posted on May 01, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Mother's Day Is Fast Approaching

Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 8th. This is a day to focus on the important women in your life, especially your mother or mother figure. This day celebrates motherhood and all the highs and lows that come with it. Mothers play an important role in our personal family life as well as society as a whole. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion for a child of any age to show their mother how loved and appreciated she is.


Flowers for Mother’s Day


Flowers have long been a traditional gift for mom. Flowers come in a variety of bright, beautiful colors. Flower arrangements can be small, or large, and can include her favorite flowers. This is a great way to show your love. With proper care, flowers can last quite some time, serving as a daily reminder of how appreciated she is.


Flower Selection


If you know your mom’s favorite flower, selection can be a breeze. Even if you don’t, there is no reason to sweat. Local professionals can always help guide you in flower selection. Knowing favorite colors can help, but are not necessary. No matter what flowers you choose, your mom is sure to love the care and thought you put into your flower selection. When it comes to flowers, you can choose the traditional route, or go for unique spring flowers that are colorful and lively.


Traditional Options


Like any major holiday, there are certain traditions you can rely on. Flowers have been a standard Mother’s Day gift for quite some time. When it comes to Mother’s Day, there are a few tried and true options that she is sure to love. These include:


  • Gerbera
  • Roses
  • Delphinium
  • Sunflowers
  • Lilies


Or popular tropical blooming plants, such as


  • Anthurium
  • Orchids
  • Bromeliads


These flowers are all beautiful and tend to be offered in a variety of colors. Each comes with unique meanings, but all are perfect for showing your mother your gratitude and love.


Give Her Something Unique


It is okay to break tradition if beautiful flowers are involved. Spring is the perfect time to get the best flowers that bloom in April and May. Flower Works offers a wide selection of both annual and perennial plants. These flowers come in endless possible color options, and look amazing in flower pots and baskets.


Annual plants are plants that you re-plant every spring. Popular choices for hanging baskets include:


  • Fuchsias
  • Lobelia
  • Streptocarpus
  • Begonias
  • Moos Rose




Ditch the Vase for a Hanging Basket


Flowers are a beautiful touch to any indoor space. When you bring your mother flowers, odds are she has a vase readily available. It can be easy to end up with numerous vases, especially when flowers are often a great gift for several different occasions. While she’s sure to appreciate using a vase, she can also enjoy other flower holding options. One option she is sure to love is a hanging basket. If there aren’t already hooks in the home, they are easy to install. Hanging baskets are great for small spaces or in homes with pets or small children. Hanging baskets are available in several different styles. They are a great way to compliment an existing style or to add a new flair to a space.


Find the Perfect Gift at Flower Works


We are proud to help our community show appreciation for their mothers on this special day. We have arrangements available in-store that are sure to impress. We can also create custom arrangements of all sizes. We offer a wide range of flower pots, both hanging and table-top. We can create the perfect gift for her. Contact us to learn more. 

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