It’s Hunting Season: Show Some Love Before Heading to Camp

Posted on October 29, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

It’s Hunting Season: Show Some Love Before Heading to Camp

In the Upper Peninsula, we tend to celebrate one extra holiday more than others in the country, and that is the unofficial holiday of hunting season. Hunting season is a way of life for many in the U.P. We take our kids out of school (why opening day isn’t a holiday yet, who knows!), we load up our trucks, and we head to camp hoping to bag a good buck this year. In general, this tends to be a guy’s trip, or even a solo trip. If we aren’t taking our kids with us to learn the ways of the forest, we often leave them at home with their significant other. If you’re about to leave your family to head for camp, surprising your loved one with flowers can be the perfect send-off or reminder that even though you aren’t there, you are still thinking of them.


Before heading out to hunt, don’t forget to show your love and support for those staying behind. While you are spending the early morning hours in the blind, and the twilight hours beside the campfire, your significant other is keeping things on track back at home. Showing your love and appreciation doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. In fact, nothing shows your appreciation better than a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Whether you are heading out or already gone, we can make sure that your loved one receives their flowers as well as any messages of love and appreciation.


At Flower Works, we understand this dynamic that those outside of the U.P. may find strange. Hunting is a part of our culture. We are raised to hunt and appreciate the nature around us. We also learn to appreciate the community that hunting creates. There is something special about setting up your deer blind and waiting for the perfect buck to cross your path. We understand that the other side of this is allowing the person staying at home to treat themselves to a variety of events that our towns tend to offer. We also know that nothing makes a person happier than a surprise bouquet. This shows that even while you are away, you’re still thinking of your family waiting back home. To make sure you keep those staying at home happy, we are offering a special on orange roses.


Orange roses are perfect for hunting season. They are beautiful, in season, and can bring up a good chuckle as you pack your orange hunting gear. Our dozen orange roses will show your appreciation, as well as add a beautiful fall look to any table or counter. Roses are always a great choice when wanting to show that someone special how much you love, care, and appreciate them. Orange roses may not have the historical significance of their counterparts, but they are just as equally vibrant and fiery. They can immediately raise the energy level of any room, and brighten an otherwise dull day. These roses represent life, energy, passion, and excitement. This beautiful arrangement is a guaranteed mood booster.


Our hunting special runs through November 24th and is available for both pick-up or delivery. These beautiful roses will last the entirety of your trip with the right love and care, will remind your loved one daily that they are in your thoughts. We make things easy through a simple phone call or a quick online form. Even if you’re currently in your blind, it only takes a few clicks to send that special someone a reminder that you are thinking of them. Contact us to help you select the perfect arrangement for the special someone, and don’t forget to bring home a buck! 


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