Invite the Fall Season to Your Wedding With These 4 Floral Tips

Posted on September 19, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

How to Add Touches of Autumn to Your Wedding


Fall is one of the most popular seasons for a wedding. The temperatures are more comfortable, and the trees provide a glorious background of color. When choosing ways to bring elements of the season into your wedding floral arrangements, talk with us at Flower Works for advice. We’re happy to help.


If you’re thinking outside the autumnal box, there are also a number of options that provide an impact beyond traditional choices like pumpkins and apples.


  1. Choose a Jewel Tone Color scheme


Fall is a time for rich saturated colors that reflect the palette found in nature this time of year. Focus on jewel tones in lush plum, vibrant blues, emerald greens, ruby reds, and mustard yellows. Add velvet ribbons to your bouquets, and generous amounts of lush greenery to tablescapes. Choose jewel-tone flowers such as deep red roses, purple chrysanthemums, and eucalyptus to continue that feeling of luxury and warmth that these colors bring.


  1. Consider Muted Tones or Dusty Rose Colors


Another popular option for fall weddings is a muted palette. You can either choose to incorporate a number of colors such as sage greens, dusty blues, and peach and shades of grey. Or, choose a monochromatic look and focus on dusty rose colors for your wedding. Each of these options adds an air of soft romance to your event. Consider adding antique carnations and dust colored roses to your bouquets.


  1. Add Natural and Rustic Elements to Your Wedding Décor


Fall weddings offer a great opportunity to add a rustic design element to arrangements. Not only can you add fall foliage to tablescapes and wedding arches, but dried and bleached grasses, dried lotus pods, and dried berries are available to add to your flowers, too. Wheat and dried lavender are also great natural elements to add to your arrangements. Choosing a bouquet of dried flowers is a great way to have a lasting memento from your wedding day


  1. Choose Wildflowers and In-Season Floral Options


When you are choosing flowers for a fall wedding, keep in mind that picking in season and wildflower options can give your wedding a more natural feel. Choosing seasonal flowers can also be more cost-effective, as they are more readily available. Daisies and dahlias are readily available and come in a wide range of colors – even in the Upper Peninsula. Golden Rod and Queen Anne’s Lace are a great addition to a jewel tone arrangement.

If you are looking for unique ways to add elements of the season to your special day, we can help. Contact Flowers Works of Marquette, MI at (906) 273-1335 and let us help you pick the perfect flowers for your fall wedding.


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