Hunter’s Rose Special

Posted on November 11, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Hunter’s Rose Special

Hunting season may be overlooked for some people, but when you live in the Upper Peninsula, it
is a way of life we all wait eagerly for. When opening day finally arrives, it’s a big event. The
hunters head out to the camp in their trucks ready to enjoy the yearly adventure and hoping they
return home with some great catches. On occasion, the kids might tag along to gain their own
hunting and survival skills, allowing them to keep the tradition alive as they grow up and have
families of their own.
That still may leave at least one family member unaccounted for, however. Not everyone can join
in on the hunt, and oftentimes, it’s our significant other we have to leave at home. For the loved
ones who must stay behind and care for the house, pets, and kids, it is easy to feel left out or
forgotten about in all of the excitement. This year, show your loved ones you care with an orange
rose floral bouquet.
Why Orange Roses?
When it comes to getting floral arrangements made with in-season flowers, there is no better
option than orange roses. These roses are a special and vibrant flower species that brings the
colors of fall right into your home. You can evoke the colors of a campfire and the hue of the
autumn leaves, symbolically bringing your family along on your journey.
Orange roses are also vibrant, beautiful, and full of life. They will brighten your loved one’s day
and remind them that you are still thinking about them, even when you’re away at the camp.
These flowers represent passion, excitement, energy, and fire, and they are sure to keep your
family in good spirits while you’re away.
The Hunter’s Special
The only thing that could be better than a few orange roses in a bouquet is a dozen of them being
sold at a discounted price for the hunting season. These orange roses normally sell for $65 per
bouquet, but until the 24th of November, you can get them for only $40. Save money for the
upcoming holiday season while still sending your loved ones a beautiful and meaningful gift.
You can stop by personally, call over the phone, or order flowers online . If you order before 2:30
p.m. Monday through Friday or 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, we will deliver them locally to your

home that same day. You can place your order before you leave, in the truck on the way, or even
while you’re setting up your camp or waiting for a good target. It only takes a few minutes to get
a bouquet, and you can be sure it will get delivered quickly. This way, there’s no delay when it
comes to showing your loved ones you care.

Our orange roses may be the ones on sale, but that doesn’t mean they are the only flowers your
loved one might like this hunting season. Contact us to find out more about our seasonal floral
arrangements or to make sure you are getting a bouquet your family will really love.

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