How to Care for Air Plants

Posted on March 18, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

Air plants can be notoriously tricky to care for due to several misunderstandings about their nature. While the name may imply they can survive solely on air, that isn’t true. This and other ideas have led them to be tough to commit to. However, with a few good tips, you’ll have beautiful air plants that will last for a long time.


  1. Air plants need water. As previously mentioned, this may be a bit of a misconception about air plants. However, they should be watered regularly. However, they aren’t watered like a normal plant and should be soaked every one to two weeks. Before putting them back in their pot, they should be allowed to dry to prevent rot. While tap water that’s been allowed to rest is okay, air plants most love rainwater.

  2. Let there be some light. Like most plants, the air plant also needs sunlight to thrive. They prosper in bright light but should be kept from too much direct sunlight, which can make them dry out quickly. Placing them close to a window so they can experience sunlight closely will be best for these little beauties. However, remember that some varieties may have more specific care requirements. 

  3. Humid conditions. Yet again, while they may be called air plants, these plants prefer a humid space. That means either adding a humidifier to their environment or misting them occasionally between more generous watering.

  4. Tropical temperatures are too much. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. This is also true for air plants that prefer a temperature range of 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are too cold, they’ll freeze to death; conversely, if they’re kept at too high a temperature, they’ll dry out too quickly. Generally speaking, if you feel comfortable, your air plant probably does, too. 

  5. Air for the air plant. Spaces with well-circulated air are best for your air plant. While these plants can survive indoors, they’re happiest with fresh air. Places like window sills with decent circulation can be good. Alternatively, rotating the plant will keep it healthy if it doesn’t always have access to fresh air. Restricting air on the plant is detrimental to its health.

  6. What not to do. Several things can be quite harmful to your air plants. Surprisingly, copper is incredibly toxic to this plant, so keep your plants clear of any copper material. They can be cute, but don’t handle your air plant too much. The oils in our skin can damage the plant by clogging its surface. Be sure to wash your hands before handling, and wear gloves if you’re concerned about overhandling your plant. 


While air plants can be sensitive, they are also quite beautiful and can live for a long time. Air plants can self-pollinate or even cross-pollinate. If you care for them properly, it’s possible to end up with pups that you can separate. Additionally, they can show off a stunning flower if you care for them well. See what the air plant buzz is all about today at Flower Works.

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