How to Bring Plants Inside for Fall Before It’s Too Late

Posted on October 10, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

How to Bring Plants Inside for Fall Before It’s Too Late

Potted plants can be a great addition to your home and landscaping, no matter where you live, because of their versatility. If you only have a small porch space for plants, native wildflowers in a long planter can draw in pollinators, attract local birds and wildlife, and add a pop of color. A small potted fruit tree can make a statement on your back patio, while also providing a delicious treat.


It’s simple to find an outdoor potted plant that is perfect for your space, but winter could pose an unexpected challenge. Since winter in our area brings cold temperatures and plenty of snow, you will need to protect your plants until the weather warms up again. One way to do this is by bringing them inside, and we have a few tips to make the transition easy and safe for your plants!


Watch the Temperature


Overnight temperatures can do a lot of damage to your outdoor plants if they are not hearty enough to withstand the cold. As fall approaches, it is important to keep an eye on average nighttime temps so you know when to bring your plants inside. Most experts recommend starting to bring outdoor plants inside when the temperatures reach between 45-55 degrees overnight.


Make Sure All Pests Are Gone


When your plants live outside, they may pick up some extra guests, like aphids or beetles, that you do not want in your home. As you make your preparations to bring potted plants inside, do a thorough check for any pests.


Alternate Their Time Inside


Changing the temperature, humidity, and light source of your plants all at once can be a shock to their system. Instead, consider bringing them inside at night when it starts to hit about 50 degrees and put them back outside during the day so they can adjust to their new surroundings more easily.


Put Plants in a Designated Space


Whether you only have a few small potted plants for your balcony or an expansive outdoor collection, bringing them in can feel overwhelming because of the space they require. Make it easier on yourself by designating a specific area for them in your home, such as a bedroom or an office space, that is dry with plenty of windows.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Rid of Plants


Losing a plant can be difficult because you have given so much time and attention to their care, but sometimes it is unavoidable. One of your plants may have gotten infected with a beetle that ruined all of its leaves, or maybe you have one that simply got too much sun and cannot recover. If you suspect that one of your plants may not survive the winter, even inside, then it may be time to throw it out.


Use a Humidifier


Plants need plenty of water and moisture in the air to thrive, especially when you bring them inside to a new environment. Adding a humidifier to their space can help regulate the air temperature and ensure your plants have the moisture they need.


Get Tips and Tricks From Flower Works


If you have been cultivating plants for a long time, then you likely have a fine-tuned system for bringing some in for the winter. Maybe you just moved, however, and are getting used to potted plants rather than a garden in your new space. Check out Flower Works for plant inspiration, to find your next potted plant, and get tips for how to grow them well!

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