Houseplants That Bring Good Luck for Saint Patrick’s Day

Posted on March 13, 2023 by Flower Works LLC


With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you probably already see green and gold decorations emblazoned with the assumed symbol of the Emerald Isle, the shamrock.


The shamrock is often used as a traditional symbol for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations and is associated with good luck. According to myth, Saint Patrick used it to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, or the Holy Trinity, while he traveled throughout Ireland to spread Christianity. However, the shamrock itself isn’t strictly a symbol of good luck. Typically, the four-leaf clover represents luck, as the first three leaves mean hope, love, and faith. 


Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are not the only “lucky” plants. A few different houseplants can be considered good luck for various reasons. These include:

  • Long believed to be lucky in Chinese tradition due to its rounded leaves, the jade plant also helps to filter the air in your home. 

  • Rubber plant. Like the jade plant, the rounded leaves of this houseplant bring in thoughts of prosperity. This often waxy-leafed tree has young, immature leaves waiting to grow within newly matured leaves. This can look like a rebirth or like plentiful abundance. Placing it at the entry to your home is said to help harvest wealth. 

  • Money plant. For obvious reasons, this plant is thought to bring wealth to your home, particularly if you follow the principles of feng shui. Either way, the plant’s name and lush green leaves resembling money may inspire a feeling of prosperity for your home.

  • Peepal bonsai. Looking at another cultural tradition, the peepal tree is said to bring luck because it is under one such tree that Buddha achieved enlightenment. Its scientific name is Ficus religiosa, and it is also commonly known as the bodhi tree or sacred fig tree.


  • These can look striking in bouquets, but they’re also notable for their fresh scent that stimulates calming feelings. It is mainly for this reason that eucalyptus plants are associated with freshness and fresh starts.

  • Desert rose. For another plant that represents financial abundance, look no further than the desert rose. The heftiness of the trunk has long represented financial well-being. They’re also a lesson in being mindful of abundance because overwatering these plants can cause their roots to rot.

  • Good luck plant. There’s probably not a better name for a plant that brings good luck. These are a look-alike for a shamrock or four-leaf clover, so they’re often associated with good luck. They also can flower in yellow, purple, and pink.


Many plants that filter air are also considered to bring good luck and a fresher space. Curly spider plants are known for their ease of care and propagation. Ivy plants are also good air purifiers, especially if you have a recently painted space. Additionally, snake plants double as an extremely low-maintenance source of clean air and a lovely splash of color. Finally, pothos plants are a favorite among common houseplants due to their resilience and ability to grow quickly. Add a little luck to your home today with the perfect plant from Flower Works.

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