Holiday Floral Decorating and Gift Giving

Posted on December 06, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Holiday Floral Decorating and Gift Giving


The holidays are fast approaching, which means decorations and gift-giving are soon to come. Finding the perfect decorations and gifts for your loved ones can be challenging, but there are many options that are perfect for the season. Here are a few floral decorations you should consider both for yourself or as a gift.




A centerpiece for your table keeps the holiday spirit going throughout the home. Many different centerpieces are available with which to decorate your table however you wish. A lantern centerpiece can add a unique glow to your décor. If you’re looking for something smaller and customizable, a round holiday centerpiece might be a good choice for you. A round holiday centerpiece is also a great choice for a white elephant gift exchange. Finally, if you want something more traditional complete with a festive bow, pine cones, taper candles, and ornaments, you can’t go wrong purchasing a traditional holiday centerpiece. Centerpieces come in a wide variety, and it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Fortunately, there are some key points to consider when deciding on a holiday centerpiece.




Wreaths are incredibly common when decorating for Christmas, and there are many different design choices available. A wreath with cypress is a simple, yet versatile wreath that can be customized with other elements such as bows and magnolia leaves. For something less conventional, a dried eucalyptus wreath is great for both decorating and gift-giving. Both of these wreaths and handmade and intricately created, and the dried eucalyptus wreath includes a great mix of colors.


Flower Arrangements


Flowers are a great choice for any decoration at any time. Flower arrangements during the holiday season can help your home feel festive and filled with holiday cheer. If you’re looking for the right arrangement, or if you want to gift an arrangement to a loved one, the White Christmas arrangement is a great choice. This arrangement comes in a white glass container filled with cypress, juniper, and cedar. This is also customizable, as the flowers and ornaments can look however you wish.


Another perfect arrangement for decoration or gift-giving is a candy cane basket. This arrangement not only contains candy canes but also local evergreens and carnations and mums that will last throughout the entire holiday season.


How and When to Purchase


If you’re ready to purchase any Christmas floral decorations for yourself or for a loved one, Flower Works can help you make the process easier. With several years of experience and a wide variety of flowers from which to choose, we can help you decorate your home that fits your aesthetic while pleasing everyone. If you’re unsure when to purchase holiday décor, Flower Works is making this the best time to purchase your holiday decorations or gifts for your loved ones.


For more information about our floral options, contact us today.

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