Hanukkah Flower Etiquette

Posted on December 18, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Hanukkah Flower Etiquette

Hanukkah is one of the most well-known Jewish holidays observed worldwide, with eight nights
of food, games, and celebration. Each family has different traditions, recipes, and ways of
showing their love for each other during the Festival of Lights. Some of these ways include
giving out gorgeous flower arrangements. Although this holiday is not typically flower-oriented,
bringing a bouquet to a Hanukkah family celebration can be a thoughtful gift for friends or loved
Color Symbolism in Hanukkah Bouquets
The two main colors associated with Hanukkah celebrations are blue and white. This color
association is traditionally tied to the Israeli flag; however, the symbolism behind these iconic
colors comes from older religious sources. The tallit is a religious garment that is white with blue
markings, used in religious activities ranging from worship services to special occasions like
weddings, adding religious significance to these colors. The Bible describes the blue on these
garments as being a reminder of faith, and white has a universal meaning of peace, purity, and
In addition to blue and white, silver is a popular accent color used to compliment the blues and
whites in Hanukkah designs. Silver is often used as a metallic counterpart to white, but the
symbolic significance of silver to Judaism goes beyond aesthetics. Silver is most often associated
with the moon and has been for centuries. Judaism centers the moon as a core symbol for
establishing the calendar, holiday celebrations, and bestowing good luck on others at the
beginning of a new month. All three colors are traditionally used in Hanukkah decorations and
flower bouquets, highlighting these essential symbols in annual Hanukkah celebrations.
What Flowers Are Appropriate For Hanukkah Bouquets?
White lilies, representing purity and a sense of rebirth, are a traditional gift to give for Hanukkah
and are used in a variety of seasonal flower arrangements. For arrangements going to romantic
partners, white roses may be the perfect way to say “I love you” with a seasonal twist. Other
classic white options for Hanukkah bouquets can include white carnations or white alstroemeria,
but there is no restriction on what flowers should and should not be used.
No Hanukkah bouquet is complete without blue flowers, and buds like blue delphinium or blue
hydrangeas can add texture and body to these arrangements. As for silver accents, adding the

right embellishments with decorative inserts or ribbons can liven up a Hanukkah arrangement
and make it truly stand out.
What Are Hanukkah Flower Arrangements Used For?
Flower arrangements can be used for a variety of different uses, each with its specific meaning
and impact. Some of the most common uses for Hanukkah arrangements include:
Gifts: Hanukkah celebrations often include sharing gifts with family and friends, and bringing a
gorgeous flower arrangement is always a great gift. Whether it be to family members or romantic
partners, giving the gift of gorgeous flowers is perfect for Hanukkah.
Centerpieces: Hosting family for any holiday means creating a warm, welcoming spread for
loved ones. Incorporating a holiday-themed flower arrangement into a Hanukkah dining table
design can elevate the look of the spread and create a more polished, elegant appearance.
Menorah Decorations: The centerpiece of any Hanukkah celebration is the menorah, and using
flowers to highlight this sacred symbol will only further accentuate its beauty. These fresh
additions can spruce up and add a touch of freshness to your celebration.
Livening Up Your Hanukkah Celebrations
Hanukkah celebrations are all about honoring the perseverance and sacrifice of past generations,
encouraging new growth and life by accentuating that determination, and spreading joy between
family members. Floral arrangements are the perfect accompaniment to these celebrations,
helping create a beautiful ambiance for any Hanukkah gathering. Flower Works’ high-quality
selection of flowers and unique floral arrangements can make any Hanukkah party shine, using
your unique vision to bring these arrangements to life. For more information on our flower
delivery and arrangement services, contact us today.

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