Fresh Flowers for Your Graduation Party

Posted on June 07, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Fresh Flowers for Your Graduation Party

Whether it’s outdoor or indoors, there’s nothing so lovely as a flower arrangement to make your guests feel welcome and your honoree feel loved. Think beyond carnations and consider these four flowers to transform your graduation party. 


Liles are a flower that has been used for decoration as far back as 1500s B.C. Because of their staple-status, they are also the 4th most popular flower purchased. Their sweet scent makes them especially noteworthy; a single bloom has a very potent and alluring smell. There is also a variety of different species and colors, each having a unique meaning behind them. A stargazer lily represents wealth and prosperity to your graduate, and a Peruvian lily signifies dedication and companionship.


The popular bloom is not just for romantic gestures and overtures. While the red variety does have ties to romantic love, it can also convey the everlasting love of family. The yellow species of rose is meant to convey friendship and joy. While it might seem morbid, a black rose symbolizes new beginnings and regeneration. A simple, elegant white rose arrangement symbolizes purity. With so many different colors and meanings behind them in the rose family, creating an arrangement with school colors is all too easy.


The name “daisy” comes from the Old English term for “day’s eye” because of their blooming pattern of closing over the yellow center at night. Because of this, the term “fresh as a daisy” is said when someone has had a good night’s sleep, much like a daisy does. It is no wonder that the white and yellow cheerful flower is used to signify virtue and innocence. This bloom would be especially good for a graduate with a fondness for the more bohemian style or someone who has a love of wildflowers or the outdoors.


While this might not seem like the prettiest plant to feature at your graduation party, it is a very trendy, low-key decoration. Succulents can last a long time due to their ability to store water in their thick stems and leaves and can be as big as you want them. Because of their hardiness, they symbolize everlasting and timeless love to the recipient. Transfer a succulent to a simple pot for the grad to take with them to their dorm room. The low-maintenance plant will provide your graduate a little greenery with a memory of their home.

Call the Floral Experts

Whatever your sentiment towards the graduate, Flower Works can make sure your party arrangements speak your message loud and clear. We take pride in our non-cookie-cutter approach to flowers, making distinctive arrangements for our beloved customers. Contact us today so we can get started on your graduate’s beautiful party decoration.

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