Flowers to Celebrate the Women in Your Life this International Women's Day

Posted on March 07, 2023 by Flower Works LLC

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8th, and it’s the perfect day to honor all the incredible women in your life. This may include celebrating women whose work may go unnoticed daily or women who need to see how much they’re cared for and supported. 


While flowers are suitable any day, they’re especially good for International Women’s Day because it shows that you took the time to think about these women and how important they are to you. This may not be your go-to way to show off your appreciation, but that’s what makes flowers the perfect option. They’re something a little extra on an important day. With a little care on your part, our flowers can go a long way to show the women in your life how special they are every day.


There are a few flowers that will shout from the rooftops how exceptional the women in your life are:

  • While these flowers typically symbolize love or romantic feelings, they can also show a person your passion and how much you care for them. Each color means something a little different. White roses may show lasting loyalty, while pink roses will show gratitude, and orange roses will signify pride for the person presented with them.

  • While these are typically in season at this time, they’re also a flower that symbolizes elegance. They are available in many different colors, so you will have your choice of the rainbow.

  • Gerbera daisies. These bright flowers are sure to send a message. Their open faces and sunny colors will brighten someone’s day. They also represent adoration, which is a perfect message for International Women’s Day.

  • Lilies can represent many things. While devotion is one common meaning for these flowers, other meanings depend on the variety. Love, fertility, and purity are among their other meanings, but purple lilies, representing pride, dignity, and admiration, may be the best option.

  • These little bright yellow flowers are lively and sure to brighten someone’s day. They’re also among the flowers most associated with International Women’s Day, making them a great choice.

  • Fragile yet beautiful, peonies have been a modern fixture in bouquets of all shapes and sizes. They are often used to depict compassion and honor, and their simple beauty is devastating without being ostentatious. It’s the perfect flower to represent the day.

  • A hugely popular stem for bouquets in general, the carnation, much like roses, represents different things based on their colors. White carnations are good for luck, light red carnations indicate admiration, and pink carnations are perfect for gratitude. No matter the message, one of these flowers is an excellent addition to your International Women’s Day bouquet. 


Let us help you pick out the perfect flowers for a bouquet to celebrate International Women’s Day with class and elegance. Select your favorite blooms, and watch as we create an impeccable design to give to the incredible women in your life. Let Flower Works make a unique arrangement just for you.  

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