Floral Thanksgiving Décor

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Floral Thanksgiving Décor

With Thanksgiving approaching soon, it’s a great time to bring fall décor into the home. With the right fall décor, you can spruce up your home and keep the beautiful elements of fall going. Using colorful flowers in your home creates an atmosphere that is unique and comfortable for everyone. If you’re looking to decorate your home for Thanksgiving and create a memorable time for you and the family, consider the following ideas.


Dried Fall Flowers


By using dried fall flowers, you can create a colorful fall aesthetic in your home. Dried flowers come in several colors and can also be used in a variety of ways, including in wreaths and vases. Most indoor flowers are placed in vases, but you can customize the leaves and base however you wish, allowing your home to retain a fall aesthetic while also being individual. Even smaller bouquets for your mantle or coffee table can be efficient in making your home feel more festive.


Alternatively, you can create a wreath using dried flowers and use it as a gorgeous door showpiece. Flower wreaths can also incorporate twigs, pinecones, and leaves if you wish, and these can help enhance the overall design. Wreaths cooperate well with other components to help your décor feel more inviting and festive.


Thanksgiving Centerpiece


While many people remember Thanksgiving for the food, the table setting is just as important. If you’re looking to make this Thanksgiving meal truly memorable, consider creating a Thanksgiving centerpiece. This can be either casual or elaborate depending on your preferred aesthetics.


Flower wreaths are a great centerpiece choice due to the variety in design and colors, and adding a candle in a glass globe for the center can make the atmosphere warmer and more inviting.


Pumpkins are also a great choice as a natural centerpiece. These can be painted and used as vases for seasonal flowers, helping your Thanksgiving table look more special.


If you want to try something different that still helps the table stand out, consider using tiered centerpieces. Having a centerpiece with various heights can make your table more memorable and varied. The different tiers can include several different elements. You can consider placing flowers in a vase or pumpkin for one tier while the other can consist of various fall desserts. Tiered centerpieces not only stand out but also provide enough variety for everyone at the table to enjoy.


Thanksgiving Décor Help


If you’re unsure how to decorate for Thanksgiving or don’t know where to start, Flower Works can help. With several years of experience and many floral options from which to choose, we will be able to help your Thanksgiving be as memorable and enjoyable as possible. We allow you to completely customize your bouquets to match any occasion, and we’ll help you create the best bouquet for your Thanksgiving celebration. Contact us today for more information on our floral options.

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