Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hanging Baskets

Posted on June 05, 2020 by Andrea Forsberg

Complete Guide to Hanging Baskets

Spring and summer are synonymous with hanging baskets, which can add beauty to any outdoor space. These gorgeous seasonal arrangements often hang from downtown lampposts, as well as the front porches of homes. Hanging baskets, featuring trailing greenery and colorful blooms, are graceful additions to patios and porches in both homes and businesses.


History of Hanging Baskets


Gorgeous hanging baskets are not a new idea. It’s believed that hanging baskets have been around for more than 3,000 years! The well-known ancient Gardens of Babylon famously featured hanging baskets. Stories differ about the details of who designed these first hanging baskets, and just what they looked like, but these ancient gardens provide inspiration for today’s beautiful hanging baskets.


Why We Love Hanging Baskets


Hanging baskets of flowing greenery and gorgeous, colorful flowers bring joy to everyone. These arrangements are reminiscent of old-world charm and can bring a smile to anyone who passes by. With their big splashes of color, hanging higher in the air, what’s not to love! Think of that feeling when you walk into a greenhouse with hanging baskets of all types and colors hanging from the ceiling. It’s pure joy to be surrounded by so many flowers and can serve as inspiration for home gardens.


Hanging Basket Tips and Tricks


Hanging basket planters are generally easy to care for and add beauty and grace to any home or business. For best results with your hanging baskets, follow these tips:


  • Watering: It’s important to note that most hanging baskets have tiny containers. This means that you should water them more often than other types of containers and gardens. These smaller pots can dry out much faster than larger ones, so make sure you are checking your hanging baskets regularly and watering when needed. Also, be sure that they have proper drainage holes.
  • Fertilizer: Your hanging baskets also will need nutrients to sustain their growth. You should use fertilizer weekly or bi-weekly for the best results. Regular fertilization is the secret to hanging baskets that are full of beautiful blooms.
  • Trimming: Sometimes, even the healthiest hanging baskets can begin to look stretched out, especially by mid-summer. When they reach this point, it’s best to give hanging baskets a trim. Grab your scissors and trim by a couple of inches all around the planter. You may lose some blooms in the short term, but it will pay off overall as the plant fills in more and becomes even more dense and beautiful with flowers and greenery.


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