Enjoy the Rich Colors of Fall in Floral Arrangements

Posted on September 26, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Enjoy the Rich Colors of Fall in Floral Arrangements


It’s certainly understandable that many individuals are drawn to the bright hues of fall. Really, there’s nothing quite as beautiful as the changing falls leaves. This season, you probably want your floral arrangements to match the inspiring aesthetics all around you.


Fortunately, autumnal accents aren’t difficult to come across whenever you’re working on a seasonal arrangement. Still, because there are so many options, it can be difficult to figure out what to go for. Plus, not every fall flower or accent is going to meld perfectly into every arrangement. Creating floral arrangements is an art, and that’s certainly the case whenever you’re attempting to capture the beauty of fall.


Before getting started on your next autumnal arrangement, here’s a guide to help get you started. Soon enough, you’ll be crafting your own arrangements that perfectly capture the essence (and gorgeous colors) of the fall season.


Fall Floral Arrangements: The Basics


To create a floral arrangement that truly screams “fall,” there are a few tenets worth abiding by. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have room to get creative and incorporate your own personality and tastes into your arrangement. Ultimately, that’s a core component of any arrangement, no matter the season.


That being said, the basics of autumnal arrangements are actually quite simple. Fall is famous for the rich hues it brings into the natural world, so it makes sense that your arrangement should either match or complement these colors. Generally, it’s a good idea to focus on warmer colors, much like what you see in the fall leaves. Home in on reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, and even pops of purple.


In particular, some of the most famous fall flowers are some shade of yellow, red, or purple — so, it makes sense that these colors will play a prominent role in your arrangements this season. For instance, sunflowers are a fall classic, and they’re a fantastic (and highly versatile) addition to just about any autumn arrangement.


One of the most fun parts of fall arrangements is incorporating different accents into your creations. Not only should you be showing off the rich hues and vibrant flowers of the season, but make sure to work in some berries from the garden as well. You can even work in some fall leaves or branches right into the mix, to really bring out the ambiance of the season.


Other flowers that are great for all kinds of fall arrangements are burning bush, red winterberry, and purple beautyberry. If you don’t know quite where to start, any of these options are great picks to begin building your arrangement around — and each one truly says “fall” in its own way.


2 Simple Fall Floral Arrangements


Still looking for some inspiration? Here are a couple of easy-to-build arrangements, perfect to display this autumn.


  1. Spider Mums, Dahlias, & Yellow Beech Leaves


While the spider mums and dahlias add more of a muted touch, the yellow beech leaves are the perfect way to add a bold, autumnal accent. This arrangement is perfect to display in a simple, elegant vase inside your home.


  1. Spider Mums & Sorghum, Mixed With Sweetgum & Oak Branches


Although bright hues are a popular part of many classic fall arrangements, they aren’t always necessary to capture the spirit of the season. Instead, this arrangement focuses on the earthier, deeper shades of the season — that includes bronze, darker green, and russet tones in particular. Although this arrangement is more muted in color, it certainly still stands out whenever it’s displayed within your home.


Capture the Beauty of Fall With Flower Works


The Flower Works team is always excited to embrace the fall season and help you to build the best seasonal arrangements. That’s why we offer a generous selection of different fall flowers, perfect to build your upcoming creations around. Looking to get started? You can visit our shop at 1007 North Third Street, or get in touch with Flower Works through our website.

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