Enjoy the Benefits of Indoor Plants with Our January Plant Sale

Posted on January 16, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Enjoy the Benefits of Indoor Plants with Our January Plant Sale

As we enter 2022, many of us have made the transition to remote work and schooling (or back from them). With these unexpected changes, we are spending more time at home than ever. If this describes you, you’ve likely noticed numerous areas where you can improve the look, feel, or function of your most important spaces. However, it can be difficult to determine where to start.

Thankfully, you don’t need a professional designer or time-consuming renovations to make a world of difference in your home. You can simply visit Flower Works to shop our 20% off January plant sale. By adding a few indoor plants to your home and giving them the appropriate care, you can transform your space to promote health, happiness, and well-being. Learn more about how houseplants can improve your life, then let our experienced team help select the right plants for you.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Years of scientific research has proven that indoor plants offer a wide range of benefits, including:

• Improving Indoor Air Quality

The materials in our homes emit numerous toxins, and poor indoor air quality correlates with respiratory issues. Through photosynthesis, plants reduce carbon dioxide, create oxygen, and remove toxins from the air, water, and soil. Plants also improve air quality by releasing moisture vapor and increasing humidity, which is key for breathability and comfort—especially for people with asthma or allergies.

• Enhancing Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing

Twentieth century biologist E. O. Wilson established the biophilia hypothesis, which suggests that we all possess a natural tendency to connect with other forms of life. Today, most of us interact with our smartphones far more often than we take pleasant strolls in the woods. In fact, we spend around 90% of our time indoors. Unfortunately, this has seriously impacted our health and happiness. Packing up and moving to the country is not an option for everyone, but you can bring the benefits of the outdoors into your home with houseplants.

Spending time in nature, even briefly, has been found to reduce stress, promote relaxation, reduce mental fatigue, and boost mood. In addition, hospital patients who can look at plants, trees, and gardens during recovery from surgery need less medication to manage their pain. They also have shorter hospital stays than patients without natural scenery.

Simply admiring the beauty of plants can be incredibly beneficial—yet, working with them directly provides even greater advantages. Psychologists have used horticultural therapy for centuries to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, dementia, and other mental health conditions. Similarly, medical clinics in England “prescribe” plants as part of their treatment plans. A study of patients in assisted living communities found that learning to care for plants and nurturing them brought residents joy, gave them a sense of accomplishment, and contributed to a higher quality of life.

• Boosting Productivity

Even if you’re working from home, you may not have the time to visit a park or botanical garden. Fortunately, plants can boost your productivity in indoor spaces, as well. Plants can improve cognition in multiple ways, including reducing job anxiety, enhancing attention, strengthening concentration, and driving creativity. Students who study with plants show higher levels of attentiveness and focus, complete tasks faster, and experience less stress. Workers in office environments with natural elements report greater job satisfaction, are more productive and efficient, take fewer sick days, and demonstrate a deeper commitment to their organization.

Transform Your Home into a Green Sanctuary

As we embark on a new year, now is the time to beautify your space and enhance your quality of life with a few carefully selected houseplants. At Flower Works, our 20% off January plant sale will last all month, so you can pick up everything you need for a more comfortable and productive space. Our inventory includes air plants, bird’s nest fern, Boston fern, button fern, calathea, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, fiddle leaf fig, jade, Norfolk pine, pothos, rubber plant, sago palm, sansevieria, schefflera, Scindapsus, spider plant, and split-leaf philodendron.

Contact us today to speak with our knowledgeable staff and explore your options.

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