Embrace and Invigorate Your Outdoor Space with These 4 Plants

Posted on June 14, 2021 by Andrea Forsberg

Embrace and Invigorate Your Outdoor Space with These 4 Plants

It’s the Upper Peninsula’s time to warm up because summer is here! Being outdoors is always something those of us in the U.P. love, but it is extra special when we don’t have to gear up for it. No parkas, no ice-cleats, and no snow! Make your patio, porch, or deck extra special with unique options from Flower Works. That’s right – we’re not just here for amazing bouquets and arrangements for special occasions but also annuals and perennials you can plant in a pot or in your garden, too! Here are some of our offerings to “spruce up” your outdoor oasis this summer in the U.P.

Air Plants

Like their name suggests, these miraculous plants can be put in hanging glass fixtures or a multitude of ways, showing off their beauty without needing soil. Their botanical name, Tillandsias, has about 650 species of plants (evergreen, perennial, or flowering). Air plants do best in indirect speckled light, which makes them a prime candidate for a closed-in porch or gazebo-like structures. Once a week, they need about 20 to 25 minutes of water that is warm to the hand. You can mix and match.

Aloe Vera

This versatile plant looks not only pretty but also has healing properties in its leaves and is used to treat bug bites and sunburns alike. Because it requires very little water to survive (as much as an average desert plant needs), it is very easy to care for and enjoy. It loves sunlight and strong root systems, so we suggest a nice pot or planter in the open air to showcase this useful beauty.

Jade Plants

Jade is a plant that is considered by many to be a symbol of good luck. Because it is a succulent, it does not need a lot of water, and you should only water it when the soil is completely dry. Like the aloe vera plant, it needs a lot of direct sunlight. Species and color of jade plant might vary based upon our supply.

Lavender Munstead

Another useful and beautiful plant in our arsenal is our Munsteads. Lavender, while gorgeously purple with a unique, whimsical shape can also be used as a tea, potpourri, or salve/cream to heal common ailments such as headaches or acne, among many other things.

For more on our amazing selection of outdoor plants for your home, visit our website, visit our boutique, or give us a call. Our team has combined experience of 40 years, ready to work for you. We’d love to get started today designing your perfect outside relaxation.

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