Easter Decorating Trends of 2022

Posted on April 12, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

Easter Decorating Trends of 2022

Easter is right around the corner and it provides a perfect opportunity to get creative with flowers. Especially in the U.P., Easter is finally our first real opportunity to enjoy a spring holiday. The month of April involves temperatures consistently staying warmer, snow melting, and beautiful flowers finally starting to bloom. Easter is a great opportunity to get creative with your friends and family. Flowers can be used to create fun and unique Easter eggs. Flowers can also be used to create a beautiful flower wreath. If you plan on hosting Easter dinner, you’ll love simple DIY techniques to create a stunning centerpiece too.


Floral Easter Eggs


Decorating Easter eggs has been a long-standing tradition for Easter. It is an easy-to-do, affordable activity for all ages. Eggs can be placed as décor, such as a centerpiece or on a side table. Eggs can also be used in an egg hunt, providing another fun activity for kids. Most egg decorating involves different kinds of dyes, paints, and stickers.


In 2022, using flowers is trending as a popular option for getting more creative with the egg decorating process. All you will need is dry, pressed flowers, eggs, and Mod Podge. It is easy to press flowers yourself by putting them under a heavy book for a couple of weeks. You want your flowers to be as dry and flat as possible. This helps them to better stick to the egg. The process includes:


  • Dry flowers and organize them for easy selection
  • Use a paintbrush to spread Mod Podge
  • Gently press flowers into the egg, getting them as flat as possible
  • Apply another layer of Mod Podge
  • Let dry overnight


You’ll love the way the flowers look, and it gives you more artistic freedom to create something that is entirely unique.


Floral Easter Wreaths


Wreaths are a great addition to any front door. Wreaths create a sense of welcome and can be changed to match the shift in seasons or holidays. There are a few different ways to make a wreath. For those who are newer to DIY, there are often kits available at local craft stores. You can also purchase a simple metal ring, straw wreath form, or grapevine wreath wire. Flowers can be easily attached using U-shaped florist pins and hot glue. This allows you to get creative with flowers that peak in the spring, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home.


Easter Arrangements


Flowers are ideal for centerpieces and other arrangements. There are several DIY options available, ranging from simplistic to complicated. A simple arrangement just needs colorful spring flowers beautifully arranged in a pot. The pot can be tied with a pastel ribbon for added flair, or wrapped in moss for a true spring look. You can also use little bunny figurines and Easter candy to create a complete picture.


For those a little more DIY adventurous, you can create an Easter basket flower pot. You’ll need a flower pot, flexible branches, twine, floral foam, and of course your customized assortment of flowers. To create your own beautiful flowerpot you’ll:


  • Place foam in the pot, cutting it so that it is the same height as the pot.
  • Tie two branches with twine, placing one end into the foam. Bend the branch carefully until you can place the remaining end into the foam on the opposite side of the pot. This creates your basket.
  • Place flowers in foam, using taller stems to provide additional support to the branch handle. Arrange the flowers at different heights, placing wider blooms in front of the foam to fill in the bottom of the basket. Moss can be used to fill in any blank areas.


Get Creative


This Easter, DIY trends are all about flowers. Flowers add natural beauty and can be used to create endless possibilities for décor that is unique. At Flower Works, we can help you select the perfect flowers for your DIY Easter plans. Contact us or stop in on Third Street to see the amazing spring flowers we have available.

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