Don’t Forget About Dad: Plants and Flowers He’s Sure to Love

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Andrea Forsberg

3 "Father's Day: Plants and Flowers for the Plant Lover"

Don’t Forget About Dad: Plants and Flowers He’s Sure to Love


Father’s Day is June 19th! This is a special day to celebrate fathers and paternal figures who have helped shape our lives. Finding the perfect gift for dad doesn’t have to be difficult. Ditch the old ideas of tools and apparel and go for something unique and personal this year. For the plant dad in your life, Flower Works has you covered with fantastic plants and flowers that your dad is sure to love.




Dads will love and appreciate any gift given to show appreciation for all their hard work. A floral arrangement can be a great way to show dad how much you care. While they might be associated with Valentine’s Day, red roses are also the official flower of Father’s Day. You can also choose yellow roses that represent friendship, perfect for the dad who is your best friend, too. You can even play around with different color combinations, creating a bouquet that is just as unique as your dad.




Plants are a great alternative to flower giving for any special event. Plants are a unique option that can last for months, and even years to come. There are plenty of easy-to-care-for plants that are perfect for any dad. These plants include:


  • Succulents come in an array of sizes and pottery to create a unique look for any area of the home or office. Succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for. They make the perfect gift for a dad who loves the look of plants without needing to put in a lot of care.
  • Money tree. A money tree is another great option for dad. This plant is meant to bring the individual good fortune. The braided trunk is believed to trap fortunes, while the five leaves on each stalk are thought to represent the different five elements. Money trees can grow for years. With proper maintenance, a money tree can last 10 to 15 years.
  • If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain plant that also provides a pop of color, orchids are a perfect option. Orchids come in a variety of colors such as purple, white, and pink. They last a long-time and only require indirect light and occasional watering to thrive indoors.
  • Air plants. Known as tillandsia, these small plants are perfect for dad. Depending on the type of air plant, they only need to be misted a couple of times per week with water or soaked for 15-30 minutes about once a week. You don’t need to worry about having the right soil, water amount, or humidity. These plants look great in suspended containers and can be decorated with different shells, figurines, and small ornaments.




If your dad already has a lot of plants, you can consider gifting him with beautiful new pottery to rehome his existing plants. Flower Works provides a wide range of different pottery options in different sizes, colors, and textures to meet your dad’s style. He’ll love the new look fresh pottery provides.


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This Father’s Day, don’t forget to show dad how much you care. We offer a diverse selection of both flowers and plants that any dad is sure to love. Our arrangements are available for pickup and delivery. Contact us to learn more today! 


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