Creative Ways to Incorporate Shamrock Plants into Your Home Decor This St. Patrick's Day

Posted on March 11, 2024 by Flower Works LLC

Creative Ways to Incorporate Shamrock Plants into Your Home Decor This St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and now’s the perfect time to decorate your home with shamrock plants to celebrate. No matter how you celebrate the holiday, there are multiple ways you can incorporate this vibrant plant into your decor, setting the mood and generating excitement for this special day. Whether this is your first time decorating in this manner or if you simply want to try something new this year, consider using an online florist like us at Flower Works.


Shamrocks are types of clovers considered the national plant of Ireland, so it’s only fitting that they are everywhere when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Below are just a few ways you can seamlessly integrate this plant with your home decor.


Purchase or Create Festive House Plants


House plants can add serenity and reduce stress throughout the home, but you don’t have to buy any plant at random. To make things more festive, consider sprucing up your own house plant or purchasing one from us at Flower Works.


We offer a Shamrock Plant in SK (Visby) Pot, which thrives in temperatures between 40 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. As mid-March weather tends to hover around this temperature, this plant is perfect for the occasion. It’s easy to maintain as well, as you simply need to water the plant when it starts to look or feel dry. Place the plant anywhere from a table to a stool in your entryway, and you’re good to go.


Decorate Jars


Plants can fit perfectly into mason jars, but you can paint these jars various shades of green to help the plants stand out. Gather your shamrock plants, paint your mason jars whichever color you like (preferably green or white), and combine the two together. Place them around the house to enhance the festive feel.


Focus On the Mantel


For a more simple approach, consider placing your shamrock plant, or your jars containing the plant, on your mantel. You can also use more basic decorations such as signs, decorative boards, candles, or banners to make your mantel stand out more. If you’re planning a house party with guests, everyone will notice your mantel. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simple yet prominently placed St. Patrick’s Day decor can make a significant difference.


Create a Wreath


Your door will be noticed by everyone, even individuals just passing by. When St. Patrick’s Day arrives, you may want to show off your festive spirit by placing a wreath on the door. Many flower shops have the materials needed to create your own wreath, and many homeowners like to use their plants as part of their wreaths. For instance, you could create a shamrock-shaped design and attach shamrock plants to it, making your door stand out for the holiday.


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If you’ve never decorated your home for St. Patrick’s Day before, or if you need help making this St. Patrick’s Day different from the ones before, we can help. As a reputable online florist, we can provide flower arrangements that seamlessly integrate with your home’s decor. If you have any additional questions regarding shamrock plants or their use in St. Patrick’s Day decor, contact Flower Works today.

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